ATT Approved: These Political Films Are Harsh But Depicts Reality!

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As an occasional movie-goer, I don't mind rom-com or thriller genre films, but mostly, I look for good, informative and politically sound films. Writing this piece of content at a time when The Kashmir Files has been trending all over the internet with mixed reviews, and the vibe being totally political, makes sense. Most of the film critics don't believe that Bollywood has been able to crack the political genre, and they prefer watching documentaries to gain knowledge. This also stems from the fact that politics is quite a tricky genre to play with, and you don't get too much room to play with the plot. When directors try to make a film on a sensitive subject like the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in The Kashmir Files or depict the reality of a political family like in Raajneeti, they have to keep in mind their limitations.  The reason behind Indian filmmakers not taking the political route when it comes to the subject line is because they are somewhere tied up between showing the reality and, at the same time, not being insensitive. (We are not that tolerant audience, are we?) However, time and again, there are movies like The Kashmir Files, The Tashkent Files or Madras Cafe that blows your mind and makes you face the harsh reality of politics or, to put it more explicitly, the dirty side of politics.  With that long intro, let's now dive into the main part of the blog, political films that you must watch to learn the hard facts of Indian politics in particular. Trust me, you are gonna have a hard time watching these movies (not lying), but at the same time, these movies will also play a bigger role in shaping your political ideology (I am a political fanatic, you guys!) 

The Kashmir Files

Ofcourse, ofcourse, ofcourse! The Kashmir Files puts everything together that took place during the 1990s in the beautiful valley of Jammu and Kashmir. You must have seen videos of people crying and breaking down at the theatre; well, the authentic and raw storytelling skills of Vivek Agnihotri really puts forward the real plight of the Kashmiri Pandits. Yes, this film will make you uncomfortable, it will raise many questions in your mind. You might get really angry, and you might also experience a total meltdown moment. TBH, it's not at all easy for a political film to have that much of an impact along with being sensitive towards the subject. However, watch the movie only if you are in a decent mental space else; this film can really make you anxious and restless.  Also Read: The Kashmir Files: The Hard-Hitting Genocide Of Kashmiri Pandits Community Revealed!  https://youtu.be/A179apttY58

The Tashkent Files

This film, for some reason, was not liked by most people. Indeed, I don't belong to that group. The Tashkent Files is a little on the calmer side of the storm and puts forward its intention without making too much noise about it. Based on the mysterious death of India's ex-prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri in Tashkent, the plot of the film is surrounded by controversies, and one can't be too sure of how authentic the film is. However, what is worth noting is the style of storytelling used in the movie. To put it simply, The Tashkent Files opens your critical thinking and shifts the light on your ideologies. What is your version of the truth? Also, you need to be a politically aware person to understand the film from every length and breadth.  https://youtu.be/OgWylHdfIdo


Directed by Anurag Kashyap, Gulaal is the perfect movie to understand the ruthless side of student politics. This film tries to establish a thin line between good and bad politics. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of the film is that the director attempts to play with too many issues. Gulaal is a watchable political drama film with terrific acting by the cast, but you need courage to complete this film. It's literally Anurag Kashyap's angriest film, and it will make you angry too!  https://youtu.be/IS7KLVs1Ib4


If you don't know what are the stakes of being born in a political family, Raajneeti is a decent watch. Directed by Prakash Jha, Raajneeti recites an engrossing tale about India's political system where democracy might prevail but never in its purest form. This film explores the not-so-clean political landscape of India and also states: "Everything is fair in love, war and politics."  https://youtu.be/e8pV8VmiHkQ

Madras Cafe

In all these years, John Abraham has become like the brand ambassador of patriotic films, but one of the very best works of Abraham has to be the Madras Cafe. Directed by Shoojit Sircar, Madras Cafe deals with the assassination of India's ex-prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. Unlike other political films, Madras Cafe shows you the failures, leaks and other setbacks that John Abraham as an intelligence officer faces. The film tells you that the country's national security is actually dependent on the intelligence agencies and what one failure can lead to! 

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