Cuttputlli Review: Even an OTT Release Could Not Save Akshay Kumar!

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The Hindi film industry is really going through a disastrous time, where it has no new story to present to its audiences. Instead of presenting anything new, the industry, at present, is only recreating South Indian movies for Hindi audiences. The same thing Bollywood has done in its recently OTT release Cuttputlli. This movie is the official remake of Ratsasan, which is based on a crime thriller. So, let us take a look at the Cuttputlli movie review.

Cuttputlli Review 

In this movie, Akshay Kumar is initially presented as a writer who later turns into a cop. In fact, his joining into the police force is also shown as an accidental one. Well, such plots are not new in Bollywood movies, as the industry is already popular with presenting twists into the introduction of the hero as the lead character.  For instance, Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom fits best in this segment, where Akshay Kumar, a UPSC aspirant, suddenly get the responsibility of vitiating the attempt of plane hijacking.  The same story applies here: Arjan Singh (Akshay Kumar) joins the force with his well-researched knowledge of psychopaths and serial killers just at the time when the quaint Kasauli has been witnessing the killing of school girls.  See, the same Bollywood plot is scripted here, as no one in the entire force could find the criminal, even with years of police training. Then enters the hero, who, with his extensive research on crime thrillers, comes into play and starts plotting the crime scene.  In fact, Akshay Kumar’s decision to produce many films yearly has downgraded his performance. Now his fans, too, are looking for other options in the entertainment industry. As his dialogues, too, seem so common. One of his dialogues in this movie is: “Criminal Chahe Kitna Bhi Shaatir Kyun Na Ho Koi Na Koi Galti Zaroor Hi Kar Deta Hai”.  What a cliche line!   The joy of watching crime thrillers is when you cannot predict what will happen in the next scene. But, to the audience’s disappointment, every scene is already predictable to even children as well.  Things not only stop here; in fact, Rakul Preet Singh’s role as Divya is simply reduced to Arjan’s love interest. Akshay Kumar Cuttputlli, now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, is not a bad movie to watch. But, if you are looking to find a new storyline or are expecting some thrilling story, then it is not a film you could spend your time in. Probably, this is what is instigating the audiences to support the Boycott Bollywood trend on social media platforms.

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