Goodbye Review: An Emotional Experience That Everyone’s Afraid of Dealing With In Reality

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There could be no one who is not afraid of losing his/her close ones. They could be anyone, including our friends, family members, our noisy neighbour who interferes in all of our internal family affairs, or an irritating office boy. Our fear is not limited to our close ones only. In fact, we are afraid of losing the person with who we may fight with regularly. The description of the loss of family members is a new genre that Bollywood is coming up with in its latest stories. Recently released Vikas Bahl directed Goodbye is also something that narrates the experience that we have to deal with at some point in our life. Goodbye Movie Review A New Narration For Mother’s Role In Families  In Indian society, mothers are the synonym for family binders as they are responsible to held the family tree in a single thread. We may find conflict of interests between father and son, son and son, father and daughter and more. But, we can rarely find a conflict between a mother and her children. It is because moms never compromise to express their love for their children. This is why she is defined as the true binder of her family. However, in Goodbye, it is pictured that the mother, Gayatri (Neena Gupta), passes away suddenly and her children, who were living far away from the family, come closer following her death. Special Attention  Goodbye movie star cast of Tara (Rashmika Mandanna) and Harish (Amitabh Bachchan) was highlighted specially. It is because the father-daughter duo differs completely in terms of their mindsets. Tara, who is influenced by western thoughts, does not believe in the concept of Moksh (salvation), so she tries to resist traditional ways for her mother's funeral. However, her father, Big B, completely differed from her ideals and insists on following the traditional route. His orders seems like an impossible-to-do task for his sons as they refuse to shave their heads. About Storyline And Character’s Plot  The storyline and the character's play are easily relatable to everyone, as we all have lost someone in the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So, it is obvious that anyone can get emotional and weep in the middle of the movie. Among all, the two scenes of Amit Ji, one during the arrangement of the funeral and the other while he was having a conversation with Gayatri, were really heart-melting. To balance too many emotional scenes, Vikas also mixed up some comic scenes. For example, Harish caught his son having sex on the night of Gayatri's funeral, and many such incidents fill up the list. The arrangement and sequel of songs and dialogues were also crafted well, as every scene compliments the next one. Also, Rashmika Mandanna's debut doesn't seem like a debut, as she played her character cleverly. However, a little mismanagement due to her accent is a little disturbing, as the film is about a Punjabi family. However, if someone asks about the movie's overall experience, the movie is a must watch for all middle-class families.  

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