Jug Jug Jeeyo: Typical Family Drama With Good Looking People But Lacks Depth!

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Anil Kapoor as Bheem Saini is in his top form as the loud and colourful family patriarch. The role is a perfect match for him as he is good at making roots for himself despite all his eccentricities.  Varun Dhawan as Kukoo Saini exercises his perfection of turning a serious situation into a comic one.  Kiara Advani as Naina Sharma Saini gives her best performance in all frames.  Neetu Kapoor as Geeta Saini looks extremely endearing and likeable as she beautifully fits the role of a typical Indian mother. And also, it is refreshing to see such a timeless actor back on the big screen!  Maniesh Paul as Gurpreet Sharma is hilarious to watch as he perfectly plays the role of a flashy and over-the-top brother of Naina. Prajakta Koli as Ginny Saini is as fun to watch as on her vlogs! A cute little bubbly girl who is everyone’s favourite!  Comedy, family drama, relationship issues, and a lot more! How you want to perceive the newly-released film Jug Jugg Jeeyo is all up to you. Raj Mehta-directed film depicts a typical patriarchal family drama that many Indian families face but haven’t found any way to deal with it. The storyline revolves around Kukoo (Varun Dhawan) who has his eyes set on Naina (Kiara Advani). Soon after Kukoo and Naina start start dating each other. After dating for a few months, they decide to get married. Their love story then moves normally like any usual love marriage!   However, five years into the marriage and things start falling apart, so they simply decide - Let’s get divorced! While taking the decision and going with it felt simple, the actual task they have to undertake is to communicate the ‘divorce decision’ to their parents. (Well, you know how the Indian society functions and what big of a deal a divorce is!) So, they decide to share everything after the marriage function of Gini (Prajakta Koli), the younger sister of Kuku and they fly back to India.  Doesn’t that sound so simple? Yes, it does! To further carry the storyline, Raj Mehta and the scriptwriters plots a twist here. When Kuku and Naina come back to India, they constantly struggle to find the correct time to share everything but fails each time. Meanwhile, one day, Kuku sits with his father over drinks. There, he learns the biggest shock of his life, that his father himself is planning to divorce his mother. From there on, the story starts dealing with  stereotypical family issues but in a comic way!  In the Jug Jugg Jeeyo review, you can say that the film very well covers everything about the typical Indian society. Here, the audience can find aunties asking newlyweds for ‘good news’ to a young girl getting married against her will. The story narration is set in such a way that it deals with critical relationship issues but communicates it to the audience in a not so serious way! The filmmaker, not to forget, handles it with enough tact to keep the audience excited throughout the film’s duration. While most of the jokes in the movie fit pretty well in the context, there are many who tries to push extra to make you laugh. Also, the film’s music is good, as many songs are trending in the reel culture of social media. In the end, you can say that the family drama starts off well and ends even better.  Just like every other film, the characters and storyline have their own flaws. One of them is the reason behind Kukoo and Naina’s divorce that is left unanswered in the film. However even with the flaws, you are sure to enjoy the family drama film Jug Jugg Jeeyo with your family and friends! 

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