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26 Jun, 2022
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Modern Love: Is Shades of Love Celebrated By Mumbai Worth Watching?

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Amazon Prime Video’s latest release Modern Love Mumbai is a show that tells stories of love. It takes you on a ride to exploring different ways to love. It’s almost like watching the Bollywood city of India falling in and out of love! 

Well, love ….some fall out of it. Many find it to be unexpected. That’s what the whole six episodes-series is all about! The director of each story has kept the plot simple, short and crisp. If you are in a mood to watch love stories that don’t really expects you to dig deep into them, Modern Love Mumbai is a great series to tune into.

However, you may find the stories to be half-baked or rushed into, if you like romantic tales to be complex,  or hard hitting in nature. 

Here is a short review for all the six stories: 

My Beautiful Wrinkles by Alankrita Shrivastava 

Sarika as Dilbar, a woman whose past life was a trauma, has limited her life for a long time. Being a rusted vintage car with dents, she stands in front of her gate, blocking the way. A young man (Danesh Razvi) enters the same gate, touches the same car, and takes away all the wrinkles ( trauma) of Dilbar.

Baai by Hansal Mehta 

The story is about a homosexual couple, but the beauty of Baai is that it never tries to be different. An organic gaze looking at a gay couple as lovers no matter what their gender is.

I Love Thane by Dhruv Sehgal

The story of a man who knows the art of gathering an audience and making them listen to the conversations he creates with his imaginary characters. This time he even adds metaphors to the mix. He takes his story from Modern Love Mumbai to a place that may sound the least romantic, Thane. 

Mumbai Dragon by Vishal Bhardwaj

Mumbai Dragon is a story focusing on a broad social issue. We have always somehow managed to estrange everyone who looks different from us. Our Northeast fellows have suffered casual racism at every step of their life. Acknowledging the same, Vishal Bhardwaj celebrates north east in his short story. A woman who has stayed up in Mumbai since the 1930’s lives in a house that showcases her culture and looks, which makes it different from similar homes in Mumbai.

Raat Rani by Shonali Bose 

This story crushes the societal norm and restrictions. The class divide where naive Lalzari only dreams of crossing the Bandra-Worli Sea Link on a two-wheeler while his employer owns the land on the moon in his mind. Bose and Maniyar hit the right conversations at the right time. Raat Rani blossoms in the night, but make sure its fragrance reaches everyone. Lalzari does precisely that.

Cutting Chai by Cibi Chakaravarthi

Cutting Chai is a great idea. It seems like we have already seen it. Of course, there is a fresh touch, but that isn’t just enough. Chitrangda Singh manages to personify Latika very nicely. It’s high time the industry needs to explore its potential. Arshad is always in his element, and there is no chance you won’t like him.

The Modern Love Mumbai release date is 13th May 2022. You can stream Modern Love Mumbai watch online on Amazon Prime Video. 

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