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The first thing that might come to your mind after watching the film's title would be - 'It is usually 7 Phere, why does it say 14 Phere?" Well, the title might intrigue you; the storyline is quite typical - Two lovers who are afraid of confessing the same to their stereotypical and 'Iss ghar mai love marriage na kabhi hui hai, na kabhi hogI' families. Directed by Devanshu Singh, the film shows the story of Sanjay (Vikrant Massey) and Aditi (Kirti Kharbanda), who are stuck in a situation where they don't want to leave each other but are unable to gather the courage to talk to their respective families. However, once while doing theatre, Sanjay weaves out a plan through which he can marry Aditi without disappointing both families. Well, the film stages a grand wedding but eventually goes around in circles making all the wrong noises. Coming to a critical analysis of the film, 14 Phere lacks the solid drama that it needed since its playing with a subject like marriage. Though the idea looks good on paper, the execution of the same failed miserably, with the film lurking around with no explicit directions. Editor Manan Sagar does try to wrap up the movie in 111 minutes (because, why not?), but you would still feel that the director is stretching the narrative. Both Vikrant and Kirti are great actors until they were paired together in 14 Phere since they had little to no chemistry. 14 Phere, written by Manoj Kalwani, appears to be calling out people who take pride in the perch on the caste hierarchy, but what it actually ends up doing is make light of the thought processes that give rise to gender prejudices. The film deals with many serious issues such as gender discrimination and even a sensitive topic like honour killing, but the latter is only contemplated but not implemented. To conclude, 14 Phere casually deals with some important social topics and is unable to squeeze out any humour at the same time. Therefore, it's safe to say that the 14 Phere is half-baked! 14 Phere is streaming on ZEE5

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