Movie Review: Cold Case

Directed by Tanu Balak and starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Suchitra Pillai and Aditi Balan, Cold Case, just like its name, falls flat on many levels. Tanu Balak's directorial debut deals with an investigation that runs on two parallel lines. The movie begins with ACP Sathyajith, who recovers a skull of an unidentified person from a lake and begins connecting dots firstly to identify the victim and then find out the culprit. The film Cold Case is a classic example of expectations vs reality. You would switch on the film thinking that you'll be in for horror and thrilling experience, but the journey is nothing like that. Apart from ACP Sathyajith's investigation, another parallel story of a single mother and a journalist named Medha is shown wherein she feels the presence of some paranormal activities and, unlike most people, begins to investigate it. (journalist curiosity). A movie already dealing with two plots has the courage to step into the third narrative of a presumably bind women who can sense spirits roaming around on earth (hello, where is the writer?) You would expect if a movie is playing with two different narratives, they would meet somewhere or clash with one another; else what is the point of playing with two completely different angles in a single movie? Well, for Cold Case, that's our question, too, as both the threads don't meet almost until the end. The script of the film doesn't only fall flat on establishing the storyline but also disappoints at the dialogue department. The plot had a lot of potential of being a psychological thriller but only on paper and definitely not on the screen! There are higher chances that you might end up scratching your head at the end of the movie. Any thriller movie takes time to build the storyline and slowly establishes the character but the issue with the Cold Case is - it is slower than a tortoise walk, quite literally! If you have all the time in the world or really don't have anything to watch, go for it. Cold Case is streaming on Amazon Prime Video

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