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03 Jun, 2023
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Movie Review: Dhamaka

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Did the newly released Netflix film Dhamaka manage to create a ‘Dhamaka’? Well, that’s a question we are still finding answers to. The Kartik Aaryan starrer is getting mixed responses; some are calling it a great film while others are saying it’s just a sloppy remake of the Korean film The Terror Live (2013).

Based on the Korean film, The Terror Live (2013), the Ram Madhavan directed film Dhamaka shows Kartik Aaryan in an entirely new light, and it’s refreshing to see Aaryan as a dark, disgruntled man who only smiles once in the entire film. Kartik Aaryan starrer is a one-man show which the actor effectively pulls off. The film follows the story of Arjun Pathak, a radio jockey who has failed in life. However, his life turns upside down after a mysterious caller gives him tips about a potential bomb blast on the Bandra Worli Sea Link. Arjun ignores the call only to see a portion of Mumbai’s Golden Gate bridge blowing off. 

Do you remember movies like A Wednesday and Table No 21, wherein the protagonist is forced to do something at gunpoint? Well, Dhamaka follows the same trail; only the bad is not bad enough. Despite juggling through the storyline, Kartik Aaryan takes the burden on his own shoulder to make the film spine-chilling! 

Dhamaka is definitely a well-crafted film, if not anything else, and the star of the show is Arjun Pathak, aka Kartik Aaryan himself. Dhamaka is actually like the bridge which is under a terror attack, much of the promise going up in smoke. One of the most notable things about Dhamaka is that director Ram Madhvani doesn’t take too long to set the tone of the film and dials up the tension at the right time. 

With anchors of rival channels performing a blame game skit, the attempt to show what prime time news has become nowadays doesn’t hit the right chords and seems like an ignorant attempt.

All being said, it’s a treat to watch Kartik Aaryan in an intense role, and after watching the film, you’ll crave more serious roles from the actor. 

Dhamaka is streaming on Netflix. 

Check out the Dhamaka trailer here:

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