Movie Review: Ek Mini Katha

Telegu Film Ek Mini Katha, directed by Karthik Rapulo, released today. With the tagline of 'Does Size Matter', the film focuses on a bold and taboo topic of the size of men's penis. Generally, when films deal with a bold topic, the filmmaker tries to take the comic route to convince the audience without making them uncomfortable about the subject. Ek Mini Katha tells us the story of a young man Santosh played by Santosh Sobhan, who has a misconception about his penis size and faces a lot of insults due to it. Due to the taboo existing around penis size, he goes to every length and breadth to get rid of the problem and enlarge the penis size, but all efforts fall flat. The situation becomes more confusing for Santosh when he unexpectedly gets married to Amrutha, played by Kavya Thapar. How he tries to hide the truth from his wife and invite problems in his life in order to conceal that truth forms the rest of the story. The movie presents us with a relatable situation of a man who blames all his life problems, such as the childhood bullying experiences, misunderstandings between him and his father, and getting dumped by his girlfriend on his penis size. The lead actors Santosh Shobhan and Kavya Thapar try their best, but the script's narrow track doesn't give them a lot of scope. However, the movie attempts to deal with a hush-hush topic and full marks to the director for playing with a subject like that. The storyline is too chaotic at places, and the run time is long as well. One can't say fully if the movie is a family entertainer, but it is a positive step towards educating children about sex. To conclude, the film had a lot of potential, but the director starts playing with several subplots instead of focusing on the actual topic. The movie is a decent watch but nothing more than that! Ek Mini Katha is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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