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The Film ‘Saina’, based on the life of Indian Badminton player Saina Nehwal released theatrically on 26th March 2021. Another movie in the biopic list of Bollywood has been added. The film shows us the journey of Saina from her young age to her global prominence in the sports of Badminton. The movie has the potential of making you smile and swell your chest with pride. With an encouraging and supporting family, the story tells us the journey of a girl who fought all societal battles to make her dream come true. Saina is shown living in such a Haryanvi society where people are not very encouraging when a girl excels in her career. Director Amole Gupte effectively tells us the story of Saina Nehwal from Haryana to Hyderabad, where she finally meets the coach who changed her life. The movie showcases not only the extraordinary achievements of Nehwal but also the financial struggles and personal heartbreak that she faced during her journey to fame. Because of the raw and natural narrative, you get connected to the protagonist, and you could feel all her struggles and achievements. Coming to the brilliant acting of a really underrated actor Parineeti Chopra, the female actor takes all the credit as she portrays all the Badminton matches with the same energy levels as the actual events. Chopra finally gets a director and a script that brings out the potential that she has. Pullela Gopichand, Chief National Coach for the India National Badminton Team who trained Saina Nehwal to achieve international glory, is shown as a fictional character named Sarvadhamaan Rajan (Manav Kaul) in the film. Rajan arrives at the right time and at the right moment in Saina’s life. However, the 135 minute-long film doesn’t reveal much about Rajan’s game strategy, which is quite a negative point for a sports film. Rajan’s discipline and Saina’s dedication make the duo a great pair, and the film very well showcases the commitment and sacrifices one must do to reach their goals. Saina manages to pay tribute to a player who put Indian Badminton on a global level. If you have missed the movie in theatres, Saina is currently streaming on Amazon prime Video.

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