Ashwell Prince New Full-Time Bangladesh Batting Coach Till 2022 T20 World Cup

Bangladesh cricket has been stepping up in recent times. They have won their first-ever series against Australia at home. Things have been looking really good for the Asian Lions, who are looking to make an impact in the upcoming days. There is some serious progress within their team and the side wants to compete for the T20 World Cup that is coming up soon. With that being said, there has also been a change of personal within their camp. Ashwell Prince has now taken over permanently as their batting coach till the end of the 2022 T20 World Cup. He was previously hired on a temporary stint and was due to return home. That will not be happening now, as per the recent reports coming in.

The Story Involving Ashwell Prince And His Gig As The Batting Coach For Bangladesh Till The End Of The T20 World Cup In 2022

The Bangladeshi national team had hired Ashwell price as the batting coach temporarily. They were looking for a solution to their batting woes. He was going to be with the squad till the start of the new domestic season in South Africa. With that being said, the management had taken feedback from the players. The team was happy with what Prince had delivered during his temporary stint. This pushed the board to extend his stay and talks had started over an extension. With that being said, his contract has now been extended till the end of the 2022 T20 World Cup. Prince was coaching the Cobras and has now left his role with the South African side. In a recent statement, he had said, "What I will treasure most about my stint as head coach of the Cobras is, along with my coaching staff, assisting six young players to make their international debut for the Proteas." Well, it is a step up for Prince, who will now maintain his role for the Bangladeshi side for two international tournaments. His first major test will be the T20 World Cup that is coming up later this year. Let's wait and watch whether he can deliver or not!!

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