BCB Looking To Retain Ashwell Prince Until T20 World Cup

Teams are keen on doing well in the T20 World Cup, as the tournament is nearly upon us. A lot of sides are planning their way to World Cup glory in this shorter format of the game. With that being said, sides are looking to adap to the change in venue at present. From India to the UAE and Oman, the conditions will vary quite a bit. One team that has been really impressive in recent times is Bangladesh. The team from the Asian subcontinent has been improving slowly and taking on new challenges day by day. They are keen to make an impact in the upcoming competition. However, there could be a major problem that they may face in the days to come.

BCB Wants To Retain The Services Of Ashwell Prince Till The T20 World Cup; Who Is Expected To Return To The Cape Cobras

The BCB had initially appointed Ashwell Prince for the tour of Zimbabwe only. They had given him a temporary role and it seems that they are really happy with the results. With that being said, they are eager to retain his services till the T20 World Cup at least. Bangladesh wants to make a major impact in the upcoming international tournament. For that purpose, they need all the help that they can get. The guidance and coaching of a good batting coach can really make a difference. It seems that the BCB belives that Prince is one such guy. He has made a difference so far and can help their team perform better. Here is what Akram Khan, BCB's cricket operations chairman said after getting positive feedback from some of the players during the tour, "We appointed Prince for the Zimbabwe series initially. Since it will be hard to get a coach before the T20 World Cup, we took a bit of feedback. It has been generally positive. I think some of our batsmen did really well in Zimbabwe. Some of the players told us that they have confidence in him. They are satisfied with his work. So we plan to go ahead with him. We can confirm that he is with us till the T20 World Cup. We will take on a decision on his further involvement (after the World Cup) over the course of the next week." To add to this, the report confirmed that negotiations are going on at present between the two parties. Let's wait and watch whether he stays now or leaves.

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