BCCI To Bid For 2025 CT, 2028 World T20 And 2031 ODI WC In Next Cycle

A recent report confirmed that the ICC would be reviving the Champions Trophy event. The tournament was last held back in 2017 in England. It was confirmed that the competition will be revived during the next FTP cycle. Keeping that in mind, India has decided to bid for it. The BCCI is confident that the nation can host a major tournament every two years due to its huge ticketing prospects. With that being said, they are serious about hosting more tournaments in the near future. The list of competitions that the Board Of Control For Cricket In India is ready to host has three major names in particular. The plan is to bid for all three of them and hopefully secure the hosting rights. This could be a huge boost for the Indian cricket fans.

Which Are The International Tournaments That The BCCI Wants To Host In The Upcoming Cycle Of Cricketing Events Planned By The ICC?

It has been suggested that the BCCI is keen on making bids for the 2025 Champions Trophy, 2028 World T20 and the 2031 ODI World Cup. These are events to be held in the next cycle. The Indian board is confident that they can host these competitions successfully. They are sure about the huge audiences that these will attract. The board is keen on bidding for one competition of each type for the upcoming years. A senior member of the council as an anonymous source told the PTI, "Yes, we would be bidding for the 2025 Champions Trophy along with 2028 T20 World Cup and the 2031 50-over World Cup. The Apex Council has already agreed on this in principle and things will be moving forward accordingly." The bids will be made for the next eight-year tournament cycle that starts from 2024. The decision to do so was taken in the recent  BCCI's Emergent Apex Council meeting that was held virtually. However, the main priority for the BCCI at present is to ensure that the T20 World Cup that is scheduled for later this year goes on smoothly. There were concerns about the safety of the players and the tournament's venue. These need to be addressed by the BCCI at present. What happens further, could be a direct result of the performance of this upcoming competition. Let's wait and watch in the upcoming days!!

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