Hardik Pandya Comments on Mankading: ‘We Need To Stop Making A Fuss’

If you are a cricket fan, you must be hearing the buzzing name of Hardik Pandya these days. He stated recently that since his return to cricket, he has been focusing on becoming the best version of himself. He is an all-rounder cricket star and his comments on runouts are really interesting. Pandya clearly stated that there is no need to make a fuss about it. If you search about Hardik Pandya mankading comments, you will see that he makes direct comments on stopping to make a fuss about running out when it is done at the non-striker’s end.  Well, this issue of Hardik Pandya Deepti Sharma came to the forefront when Deepti Sharma handed over a historic win to India by running out Charlie Dean last month in London in the women’s ODI series. ICC implemented changes in the playing conditions starting October 1. According to the new rules, ICC has removed the dismissals that are termed as ‘run out’ and has removed them completely from the section of ‘unfair play’ in its rule book.  Also read: MS Dhoni has given these Legends to the Indian Cricket Team!  Hardik Pandya did not hesitate in saying that if he is walking out of the crease and the opposition runs him out, he would not have a problem with that precisely because it is his own mistake. The bowler running him out is not doing anything wrong but just using the already-stated rule to his advantage and there is nothing wrong with that.  That said, the debate continues on whether such dismissals are really against the actual ‘spirit of the game.’ This issue has become a hot discussion topic recently and as stated by Hardik, if it is there, the rule should be removed and it is really as simple as that. Hardik further went on to say that personally, he does not have any kind of problem with running out for the far backing up at the end of the non-striker. He said that if he is walking out of the crease and he is run out by someone, then it is his own mistake. The bowler who runs him out is actually using this rule advantageously which is not a big deal at all and is totally fine. This is precisely what people should stop making a fuss about, in his opinion.  Hardik Pandya played an integral role in the dramatic four-wicket win of India over its arch-rivals Pakistan in the opening match of the T20 world cup. He said that the match-ups between the specific opposing players do not really work in the shortest format. Moreover, match-ups, in his opinion, are overrated. He was heard saying that he does not mind sharing his opinion on such matters because he believes in speaking his mind. In ODI and Test cricket, he thinks that it might work but he does not believe that it will work in T20 cricket. In his own words, Pandya is never worried about match-ups.

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