Kamran Akmal Says Pakistan Has Advantage In T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup recently got shifted from India to the UAE and Oman. The BCCI had to change the venue of the tournament due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the increasing number of cases, heading into a third wave in the country. With that being said, the best option was to retain the hosting rights but change the venue. That is exactly what they opted for. With the change in venue, a lot of things change. Firstly, Team India will not have the home ground advantage. It will be a rather neutral venue, where they have played before. That is with regards to the recent IPL tournament. On the other hand, some of the other teams could get a benefit of the conditions too. Keeping that in mind, Kamran Akmal highlighted that Pakistan has an advantage, with the venue being changed. He pointed out a few things that could benefit his team and help them do well in the competition.

What Kamran Akmal Said About Pakistan's Special Advantage In This T20 World Cup?

In his recent YouTube chat, the wicketkeeper-batsman explained why Pakistan has a good advantage in the UAE. He talked about how his team has played cricket in the UAE for a decade now. This could count and be the difference-maker for his side. Speaking on the YouTube channel, 'My Master Cricket Coach', Akmal said, “Pakistan should have the advantage in the T20 World Cup. We have already played international cricket for about nine to ten years in the UAE. That makes Pakistan the most experienced side under the conditions." Well, there is no denying that Pakistan does have a lot of experience of playing in the UAE. However, there are some really good sides in the competition, who will have their say too. They will be waiting for the opportunity to express themselves and make an impact. It will not be easy but yes, Pakistan can also do their bit in the competition. Let's wait and watch if Kamran Akmal is right about the T20 World Cup!!

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