Messi Magic Helps Inter Miami Beat LAFC 3-1

On Sunday (3 September 2023), Lionel Messi proved that his magic was alive and no team could have a victory over Inter Miami in his presence. With Lionel Messi, Leonardo Campana, and Jordi Alba, Inter Miami has the best show in sports and beats LAFC (Los Angeles Football Club) 3-1 on Sunday night at BMO stadium.

In his postgame interview with Apple TV, Lionel Messi said, “It was a nice test for us to see where we are, what we are capable of. We played in a difficult field, against the last champion, we got an important result. The group grows more every day, we are going to get into the postseason”.

Lionel Messi is a seven-time Ballon d’Or winner and the World Cup Champion of 2022. After joining Inter Miami, he did not score a goal in the 2nd straight game, and his 3rd time in eleven games. However, Messi delivered two timely passes with his left boot that made celebrities like Prince Harry and Selena Gomez and his fans feel great for what they came to see.

In the beginning of the match, both LAFC and Inter Miami struggled a lot to score. It was the 14th minute of the game, when Inter Miami took a lead against LAFC through Facu Farias’ first goal. Until half-time, Inter Miami was in the lead of the game.

At the 50th minute of the game, Martino and Messi seemed frustrated due to not having a free kick they seemed to have. Jordi Alba showed his fitness and made a clean shot in the 51st minute. With this clean shot, Inter Miami had a 2-0 lead against LAFC. And in the 83rd minute, Inter Miami got a 3-0 lead against LAFC due to Campana score. It was the 90th +1 minute of the game when LAFC made a single goal. At the end of the match, Inter Miami registered a comprehensive win over LAFC.

In the postgame interview with Apple TV, DeAndre Yedlin, Inter Miami’s player, said, “LAFC is a good team. We knew it was going to be difficult. We knew it was going to be hard … but once we scored the first one, we smelled a little bit of blood, then kept going from there. “It gives us a lot of confidence. It’s a great win for us, but the job is not finished yet. We’re going onto the next one.”

Final Score - LAFC vs inter Miami






Hollingshed (90+1’)

Inter Miami 


Farias (14’)

Alba (51’)

Campana (83’)

Staring Lining Ups - LAFC vs Inter Miami

LAFC (4-3-3, right to left): 77. McCarthy (GK) — 30. Palencia, 33. Long, 14. Chiellini (Murillo, 54'), 24. Hollingshead — 23. Acosta (Tillman , 46'), 6. Sanchez (Krastev, 81'), 19. Bogusz — 10. Vela, 9. M. Gonzalez (Olivera, 62'), 99. Bouanga.

Inter Miami (3-5-2, right to left): 1. Callender (GK) — 6. Aviles, 27. Kryvtsov, 31. Miller — 2. Yedlin, 8. D. Gomez (Ulloa, 86'), 5. Busquets, 30. Cremaschi (Arroyo, 74'), 18. Alba (Allen, 82') — 10. Messi, 11. Farias (Campana, 74').

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