Mitchell Marsh Expected To Shine At The T20 World Cup

The cricket fans have a habit of putting a lot of faith in the players they love. Most times it is the experienced ones that are put the belief in. Other times, some young talents take a tournament by storm. The Aussie tour of the  West Indies was one such series, which showcased some really fine cricket. With a lot of young talents on display, the teams were strengthening their squads for the T20 World Cup. Though a lot of Australian players opted out of the series at the start of the campaign, there were some other lesser experienced ones that stood to the occasion. These young talents were looking to shine with the limited opportunities they were guessing. With that being said, one player who has all the attention of the cricketing world now is Mitchell Marsh.

Can Mitchell Marsh Make A Serious Impact At The T20 World Cup; With A Lot Of Pundits Putting Their Faith In The Player Really Succeeding

The player has been putting in some brilliant performances in the recently concluded series. He was one of the best players for the Australian side if not the best himself. His contribution was unmatched in the series and the fans would now want to see what the player can do in a major tournament like the T20 World Cup. Keeping that in mind, it will not be easy for any team to really hit the ground running in UAE and Oman. However, if the likes of Mitchell Marsh are in form, their national time has a major chance of winning the T20 World Cup. There are a lot of top players that are going to be at that tournament. They will all want to make a name for themselves at the T20 World Cup. It could be the last and final opportunity for some, while others will want to give their best as well. Whether they end up winning the title is a different matter in itself. Only time will tell whether that can actually be done or not!!

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