Ramiz Raja Makes A Controversial Statement About Pakistan Cricket Team Ahead Of T20 World Cup

While every Pundit is making positive predictions for the nation that they belong to, with regards to the upcoming T20 World Cup, the soon-to-be Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) President Ramiz Raja has done something different. Known for his vast knowledge of cricket and opinions about the game, the former player and now commentator and Pundit, said that Pakistan will not make it to the final of the tournament. He further went on to add that they would be lucky to go through, from the group stages. Currently, Ehsan Mani is in charge of the PCB. Either Raja could take up the role next or Mani can be given an extension.

What Were The Exact Comments Made By Ramiz Raja About The Chances Of Pakistan At The T20 World Cup In The UAE And Oman?

Ramiz Raja was concerned about the inconsistency of the Pakistani cricket team right through the three formats. Though they had won some big games, they had lost easy ones too. Some of the games in hand had been thrown away. This did not go down well with the fans. The confidence of the team would have also been impacted. Due to this, Raja, who is expected to take charge of the PCB said in an interview with ESPNcricinfo, "I did meet with the PM. Presented him with a roadmap for how Pakistan cricket can go forward. It was a cricket-centric discussion on the problems Pakistan cricket is facing. Also, we talked about what possible steps can be taken to improve the overall performance. I am glad he called me up. He heard me out. He is concerned about the state of cricket overall and is open to further discussion." "Pakistan has been extremely inconsistent. Let us be fair, that the ranking in each format reflects that Pakistan cannot make it into the final of tournaments. The only chance they have is to play the semi-final in T20 format. To add to that, while considering the ODI and Test format it is really hard for them to go past the pool stage. So I have updated him on things on the cricketing front. We have had a productive meeting and it is now his call on how to proceed." Well, this is some really harsh criticism and it will be interesting to see how the team responds on the pitch. They will have a tough task to perform in the T20 World Cup. At present, they are on a tour of the West Indies, playing a two-match Test series. Let's wait and watch what they do next!!

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