Steve Harmison Makes Bold Comment On The Cancellation Of The Manchester Test

The fifth Test match (Manchester Test) between England and India was called off only hours before it was supposed to begin because four Indian support staff members tested positive for Covid-19. Former England bowler Steve Harmison has also spoken his opinion on the subject. According to Harmison, the cancellation of the fifth Test match might be the start of the end for Test cricket. He also believes that when teams begin to cancel games, it is a bad indication. The postponement of the fifth Test, according to Harmison, is linked to the Indian Premier League (IPL), which begins on September 19, 2021. “It is just nonsense. My immediate impressions are that this is the start of Test cricket's demise. When you make the decision to walk down this path, you are done. Before we start flinging stones, let us remember that England did it to South Africa. Let us get that straight from the very start. We are not completely blameless in this because we returned home when we had no idea what was going on. But this is all about the Indian Premier League.”

This, to me, is about India exercising its muscles: Steve Harmison talks about the Manchester Test with the Mirror

The fifth Test was cancelled according to Steve Harmison because the Indian players did not want to get infected with Covid-19. That was before the commencement of the Indian T20 league. According to Harmison, India had asked that England move the fifth Test ahead so that the IPL could be included in the cricket schedule. “I do not believe I can sugar coat it, as much as I would really like to. The IPL begins in five days. India asked a month before the trip began if they could shift the last Test match ahead. Or clear four days to accommodate the IPL. “We do not have all the details. But when teams drop out two hours before a game, it is because players are saying, ‘If we contract COVID now, we have to remain here for 10 days and the IPL starts." Adding that money can make the world go round, the former England right-arm bowler continued by asserting that India is showing their muscles. That is by refusing to play the 5th and final Test match. “It is a small window there. Money makes the world go round. But there is a moment at which integrity enters the picture. This, to me, is India flexing their biceps and saying, 'We are not interested in playing - my bat, my ball, see you later.'

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