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30 May, 2023
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Supreme Court Issues Notice to Former Indian Cricket Team Captain, MS Dhoni

The Apex Court on Monday has put a stay on the arbitral proceedings initiated by former Indian cricket team captain, M S Dhoni. Notably, Dhoni had filed a case against the Amrapali group of companies, in April 2019, seeking protection of his ownership rights over 5,500 sq ft penthouse that he had booked around 10 years ago. 

In this case, the forensic auditors appointed by the Supreme Court told the bench that Amrapali Group had been involved in ‘sham agreement’ with Rhiti Sports Management Pvt Ltd (RSMPL). The auditors further cleared that RSMPL promotes the brand of the former Indian cricket team skipper, Mahendra Singh Dhoni with the aim to illegally divert home buyer’s money. The investigators also claim that a total amount of Rs. 42.22 crore was paid to RSMPL in between 2009-2015. 

Lawyer, M L Lahoty, associated with the case cleared that Dhoni was paid a huge amount of money by the Amrapali group of companies to be its brand ambassador. Therefore, at this stage the lawyers argued that the amount must be recovered from M S Dhoni. 

What is Amrapali Housing Scandal?

In the Amrapali Housing Scam the company has cheated around 49000 buyers, as they took money for constructing flats, and the construction of the same never began. In this case, the top court has made Amrapali builders accountable for breaching the trust of the home buyers, and ordered cancellation of the registration under Indian real estate law RERA. As a result, the former directors of the group, Shiv Priya, Ajay Kumar, and Anil Kumar Sharma were put behind bars. 

Furthermore, the court has also ordered a probe by the Enforcement Directorate to seek MS Dhoni’s role in Amrapali scandal and take a dig at the money laundering aspect. 

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