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26 May, 2022
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Waqar Younis Hopes Australia Will Visit Pakistan In 2022

Following New Zealand’s last-minute cancellation of their Pakistan tour, England has said that they are hesitant to visit Pakistan. As a result, a number of past and current Pakistan cricketers are dissatisfied with the current situation. Australia is scheduled to visit Pakistan in 2022, and Waqar Younis, a Pakistan cricket star and former bowling coach, has claimed that the country is a very secure location to visit.

Younis also stated that Pakistan’s security is among the best in the world, assuring the Australian players that nothing will happen to them. Younis, who is 49 years old, further stated that Pakistan will give the best possible hospitality and security to the Australian players.

“I live in Sydney. My family lives in Sydney. It is the safest city in the world. I can assure you that this city is no exception. Come see us. We will make sure you are taken care of. One of the greatest security systems in the world is in place here. Will make sure nothing like that happens. It is a whole other ballgame when a team arrives. They make sure the hospitality and security are at the top of the priority list.”

Waqar Younis shares the experience with the Age of the Pakistan team in their trip to New Zealand

Waqar Younis also mentioned that the Pakistani team visited New Zealand early this year before vaccinations were available, and the 14-day quarantine that the players and support personnel had to endure was excruciating. Younis ended by saying that Pakistan travelled to New Zealand to guarantee that cricket did not suffer as a result of their visit.

“Quarantine was really difficult. We strictly adhered to the rules. Made certain that cricket was not harmed. We travelled to New Zealand before vaccinations were available. That was one of the most difficult trips I have ever done — 14 days of quarantine was excruciating.”

Meanwhile, former England cricketer Michael Atherton is dissatisfied with the decision to withdraw from the Pakistan trip.

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