Cool Travel Gadgets That Deserves All Your Attention!

Travel gadgets are currently the trend that we are obsessing over - some add extra convenience to travellers, some open new gates of technology, and some are too fun to miss! Well, these travel gadgets have changed the way we see the travelling world and acts like life-savers for all travel enthusiasts out there! So if you have a buddy who is crazy about travelling, these gadgets are the best gift for travellers. 

Here are 7 cool travel accessories every traveller must own:

Smart suitcase

We all carry a suitcase when we travel, but now is the time to carry a smart suitcase! As the name suggests, the smart suitcase is compact and loaded with tech features, including a built-in LED light, portable working space, a USB c-connection to provide power to your dead phone. Apart from this, the suitcase is recyclable and fireproof! (how cool is that?) 

Wi-fi hotspot and power bank

An internet connection to make Instagram reels, and some charging to record it, well, what else do we need while travelling? This incredible wi-fi hotspot and power bank device works as a portable charger and gives you unlimited internet access! What else can you ask for?

Water purifier bottle

People who travel faces the problem of drinking contaminated water, well not anymore! The water purifier bottle has the ability to transform any tap or clear water into pure drinking water in just 10-15 seconds. The device is equipped with a replaceable purifier cartridge which provides protection against viruses, bacteria and other chemicals. This travel gadget will save your money on bottled water, and you can be environmental-friendly too. 

Video recording glasses 

As cool as this one sounds, video recording glasses do so many jobs at once - it protects your eyes from the sun, and also record travelling snaps, making it an excellent travel accessory to own. You can take pictures and make 10-second video clips too. (underwater too!) 

Space bags

The space bags are so spacious that they can store all your belongings, right from bed sheets, towels, blankets to your clothes. The product comes with a double-zip seal and triple-seal turbo valve, which sucks out all air out of the bag, increasing storage space. 

Cable organizer

We carry so many gadgets during travelling, including our phones, camera, power bank, earphones, and what not! Well, what we find annoying is that all those wires getting entangled in our backpack; well, this cable organizer will solve all your wire-related problems! 

Travel clothes line 

This travel gadget is like a travel laundry washing line that comes with suction cups and lets you hang washed clothes to dry even when you are travelling. You can easily pin them to any wall or title with the help of extra-large suction cups! 

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