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06 Dec, 2022
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Some Of The Most Popular Zoological Parks In India You Must Visit

If you enjoy looking at various animal species or have children at home who are fond of animals, going to a zoological park can be the perfect weekend plan. There are many popular zoological parks in India that you can visit with friends, family, and children. To make your weekend plan easy, we have created a list of the famous zoological parks in India. Let us check them out one by one!


National Zoological Park, New Delhi

If we are making a list of places to see wildlife in India, the first name to be mentioned has to be the National Zoological Park of Delhi. It is a great place to enjoy with friends and family because it has more than 1350 animals that are a part of around 130 species of birds and animals. Some of the animals that you can see here are spider monkeys, zebras, hippopotamus, elephants, chimpanzees and many more.


Nandankanan Zoological Park, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Nandankanan is a famous name when we talk about wildlife parks in India. It is also a botanical garden and is popular for its wildlife safari. This zoo is internationally known for gharials, white tigers, black panthers etc. Hence, every year, it receives around 2 million visitors or more.


Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, Pune, Maharashtra

This famous zoo is also called the Katraj Snake Park because of its great collection of snakes, mammals, birds, and other kinds of reptiles. Some of the most popular species present in this zoological park are snakes, vipers, rock python, Indian crocodiles, and cobra.


Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, West Bengal

This zoological park was established in Darjeeling in 1958. In this wildlife reserve, you can find yourself in the presence of the endangered Himalayan wolves, snow leopards and red pandas. Moreover, the park also hosts massive Tibetan wolves, Siberian tigers, blue sheep and blood pheasants.


Sakkarbaug Zoological Park, Gujarat

This zoological park can offer you a rare sighting of the endangered Asiatic lions. Established in 1863, the Sakkarbaug Zoological Park in Gujarat is one of the oldest wildlife reserves in the country. The zoo also has a veterinary hospital and a natural history museum. Moreover, you might also be able to spot the reclusive African cheetahs here.


Assam State Zoo and Zoological Garden, Assam

This experience in Guwahati is a must-have when you are in Assam. The Assam State Zoo and Zoological Garden host a staggering 895 animals and birds. From black and white rhinos to chimpanzees and kangaroos from Australia, this zoological park is bound to leave you awe-struck. Moreover, since it is a botanical garden, you can also see some exotic flora and fauna.


So, the next time you find yourself in any of these places, do not forget to visit their amazing zoological parks and wildlife reserves for a memorable family trip!

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