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26 Jun, 2022
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These Homestays In Lahaul & Spiti Will Give You The Exact Essence Of The Place!

Have you heard of Lahaul Valley? Of course, this valley takes you on less explored roads. From the green valley in summer to the cold desert with many shades of brown, the landscape here will leave you confused. The valley is popularly known as mini-Ladakh because of its scenic beauty like that of Ladakh.

Since the opening of the Atal tunnel in Rohtang, Lahaul Valley has a good communication with Manali, so it is very popular among tourists but not yet explored. As tourists move, the locals transform their homes into beautiful dwellings and provide local atmosphere to tourists. Well, staying at  a homestay is the best way to explore the local culture of a place! 

Here are some fantastic homestays in Lahaul & Spiti you can stay at: 

Gemoor Khar- Manor House, Jispa

This homestay is located in the Gemoor village, around 3 km from the Jispa centre. It offers a pleasant stay with a beautiful landscape as well as homely food, lovely hosts taking you to walk around the village, and a beautiful sky full of stars to sleep under; this place offers a lot more. Also, There is a well-groomed garden on-site. The location is around 92 kilometres from Manali and can cost you around Rs 2,900 per day for two people.

Koksar Buddhist Monastery Homestay

This homestay is a very cosy and comfortable place to stay at. It will give you unforgettable experiences for sure. On the other side of Rohtang, this homestay is situated in a very small village called Koksar in Lahaul valley. This old age local home lets you stay with Buddhists and explore their culture. This homestay gives a great view of the landscape just outside the stay. Indulge yourself in the local day-to-day life of Lahaul people and go to places to visit in Lahaul valley. Koksar is 6 kilometres after crossing the Atal tunnel and can cost you Rs 800 per night. 

Farm Stay, Khangsar

This is a very peaceful stay in the Khangsar Village  located on the road between Sissu and Tandi in Lahaul Valley. This village is very small and remote. This place indulges you in exploring Lahauli culture, and offers you to go on a small hike with locals, and you can also visit fields full of vegetables in summers and snow in winters. This place is around 50 kilometres from Manali after crossing the Atal tunnel and can cost you around Rs 2250 per night.

Zostel Homes, Rashil, Tandi

This homestay in Rashil can be described as a red chalet kept upon a green hill, surrounded by houses and vibrant fields. With a dusty brown backdrop of snow-capped mountains, and a river flowing by, this landscape becomes dreamy. This village lies in the Pattan Valley near Tandi, on the banks of rivers Chandra and Bhaga. Rachel is a typical Lahauli village with vast agricultural fields, modern-looking houses, and mountains. This location is about 65 kilometres from Manali and can cost you around Rs 2,499 for two people. 

Aliyas Homestay, Sissu

This small village sissu gained popularity after it got connected through Atal Tunnel. The huge sissu waterfall and sissu lake are the must-watch places in this village. This homestay is perfect for enjoying views from the balcony with snowy mountains as the background. You can also enjoy a night walk at midnight with a full moon outside the window. The food served here is fantastic, and the hosts are very sweet and kind. This place is located around 6 kilometres from Manali after crossing the Atal tunnel.

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