Top Museums To Visit While You Are In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state where royalty and history are embedded in every corner. Numerous palaces, forts, and museums hold evidence of the rich history of Rajasthan. So, if you are travelling there with friends or family or even on a solo trip, there are some must-see museums in Rajasthan that you can include in your itinerary. To help you prepare a good travel plan for your next trip, here is a list of the most famous museums of Rajasthan!  

Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur

Albert Hall is located in Jaipur and is also called the Government Central Museum. It is one of the oldest museums in Rajasthan that was made by Colonel Sir Swinton to show the extravagance of the state when King Edward VI planned his visit. When you visit this museum, you will find a wide collection of relics that highlight Jaipur’s history of the tribes and royalty. You can enjoy seeing the miniature paintings, wood carvings, pottery, clay art, marble art, sculptures, coins, carpet and much more. It is one of the most important museums to visit in Rajasthan if you are a history buff.  

City Palace Museum, Udaipur

This is another famous museum in Rajasthan and is also called Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum. Here, you will find some interesting and very rare Hindi scriptures that come from the old times in India. It is located in the public hall or Diwan-i-Aam, which is extremely beautiful. Some of the things that you will find in the museum are paintings, ornaments, dresses, and weapons used by Kachwaha rulers.  

Dolls Museum, Jaipur

This is a fairy tale museum that will definitely transport you to another world. This museum is rich in cultural representations and is a great place to visit with your kids if you are ever in Jaipur.  

Jaisalmer War Museum, Jaisalmer

Another must-see museum in the state is the Jaisalmer War Museum. This museum is a true testimony of the great efforts taken by soldiers, and it showcases the rich military history of India. The war exhibits of this museum are vintage and one-of-a-kind. Hence, if you are fascinated by the rich military past of our country, this museum is bound to leave you awe-struck.  

Crystal Gallery, Udaipur

This museum in Udaipur showcases some of the rarest pieces of crystal in the world. This private collection is attractive and exclusive as it comes from Birmingham. The gallery was established in 1877 by Maharana Sajjan Singh and was opened in 1994 for public viewing. While visiting this gallery, you can enjoy the exhibitions of precious crystals from different parts of the globe. Some of the many displays include dining tables, a crystal bed and mirrored tabletops.   If you ever find yourself in the wondrous state of Rajasthan, you must definitely visit some of these amazing museums to have a sneak peek into the rich history of the place.

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