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04 Jun, 2023
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Bold And Beautiful: 3 Female YouTubers And Their Own Brand

With beauty brands like Kay Beauty, Rare Beauty and Fenty Beauty, many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities have ventured into the business line by starting their own makeup and beauty line. Most of us know beauty influencers and YouTubers for doing the job of reviewing beauty products from other brands. However, many female beauty bloggers are coming with their own makeup and beauty line. Defying all odds, these YouTubers are making some bold life choices while inspiring millions of young women to stop at nothing and setting the example that women can achieve anything and everything! 

Here are the 3 beauty influencers who have started their own brand:

Nidhi Katiyar – Cuffs n Lashes 

When we talk about brands owned by female YouTubers, you can’t ignore the brand Cuffs n Lashes owned by beauty blogger and YouTuber Nidhi Katiyar. Right from offering multiple brands at affordable rates to having a huge collection of international brands, there’s nothing you can’t find on Cuffs n Lashes. Nidhi has completely revolutionized the beauty market by launching beauty products and accessories at ultra-affordable rates. 

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Debasree Banerjee – Debasreee Beauty 

The eye makeup wizard stunned everyone when she launched her own brand Debasreee Beauty. One of the very famous female YouTubers of India, Debasree Banerjee’s brand talks about breaking stereotypes and is a conscious clean beauty brand as well. Debasree has always managed to create a stir on social media by creating tempting and impressive eye-looks. With her brand, she has launched the product she is best at, graphic eyeliners. The liners are a little pricy, but the quality is worth it!

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Malvika Sitlani – MASIC Beauty

New to the block, female influencer Malvika Sitlani announced the launch of her brand MASIC Beauty recently. One of the very famous female YouTubers, Malvika has been in the YouTube world for over 6 years now and has finally entered into the world of entrepreneurship. Her brand represents Malvika + Basic. Since MASIC is a fairly new brand, Malvika has till now launched scented candles and to be honest; they will set your mood right! 

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