Should You Include Black Tea in Your Hair Care Routine?

Black tea is the product of oxidized leaves of a plant named Camellia sinensis. This beverage is widely known for its nutritional value and health benefits. Moreover, it can work as a potential ingredient for enhancing your hair growth and improving the health of your hair. For a long time, people have used tea rinse for hair benefits. But does including black tea in your hair care routine will do you any good? If you wonder about the benefits and side effects of black tea on your hair, this article is the best spot for you! Read the article till the end to discover the answer.  

Benefits of Black Tea for Hair

You can use black tea for hair benefits like adding shine to the shaft, enhancing the color, and reducing hair fall. There are several natural compounds found in black tea which will help you improve the overall look of your hair. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:
  • Black tea is rich in a polyphenol antioxidant named tannin, which helps to neutralize free radicals in your hair and protect it from any damage. The reason for the unique dark color of black tea is the presence of theaflavins and thearubigins. When you rinse your hair with black tea, these pigments give your hair an excellent rich color. However, this treatment doesn’t suit white, blonde, or light brown hair.
  • People also consider black tea rinse for hair growth because it is rich in caffeine and antioxidants that properly take care of your scalp. Some researchers also claim that the caffeine present in the black tea helps to block dihydrotestosterone. This hormone is notoriously associated with male pattern baldness and causes shrinking hair follicles. It leads to brittle textured thin hair that tends to fall out easily. Therefore by blocking the hormone, black tea can promote hair growth and may prevent hair fall.
  • The shine that you dream of comes from adequately nourished and well-hydrated hair. Black tea helps you to add shine to your hair strands by nourishing them. However, you must take care that if you leave caffeine on your hair for too long, it causes dryness. So take care of timing and also apply conditioner after rinse as a precautionary measure.

Procedure for a Black Tea Rinse:

To give your hair an excellent black tea rinse, follow the given steps:
  1. Dip 2-3 tea bags in a cup of hot water for about an hour.
  2. Funnel the water in a clean spray bottle.
  3. Wash your hair thoroughly and spray the water by making small sections
  4. Cove your hair with a shower cap for 30-60 minutes.
  5. Eventually, rinse your hair with cold water and apply a conditioner.

 Side-Effects of Black Tea Rinse

Although it is considered a relatively safe procedure, a black tea hair rinse can leave your hair strands dry if you leave it on for too long. Therefore better to use a spray bottle and do not exceed the timing of more than an hour. Always apply conditioner once you are done washing your hair.

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