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5 Conceptual Ideas to Create Unforgettable Logo for Brand

The first impression is the last. The same goes for a brand. The first thing your customer is going to notice when they enter your website or open a brochure is the logo. The logo is more than just the face of the brand, it helps to convey the feelings, message, and mission. Thus, you need to create a logo that encompasses all that and is still modern and minimal to target the current audience. However, is logo designing an easy job? The job that can be done in a few days without taking a break? Well, yes, it is, but does it need some creative minds for the job to be done? Absolutely yes. While I was looking for  someone to get me this job, I only posted advertisements on different mediums that said: “make me a logo and found just the right agency to do this job and I am extremely satisfied with it.  The amateur logo designers often struggle with the designing and want someone to guide them with the right tips and tricks that can teach them the real essence of designing without them investing much time on learning. It would not be wrong to say that it is one difficult job to be done but the right agencies like Ingenious Guru have the right experts available to design just the right logo for you. In this article, we will cover some tips that can help you create an amazing logo for your brand. Let’s get started!

Tips and Tricks to Create an Attractive Logo

1. Conceptualize

Before we jump on this bandwagon, you need to create a mood board for your brand’s logo. Conceptualization is the first and key step to creating a logo. Before you start, list out the key messages of the brand, their mission, and how they relate to their audience. Devise the color scheme, the symbol, and, concept at this stage. It is also important to draw out a few ideas and stick with the best one. Giving too many options to your clients will only further confuse them and delay decision-making. Most of the brands do not understand how getting way too many options results in not getting enough attention and that further confuses them later. Conceptualization is one important thing that requires deep thinking and getting them the right idea for the logo that can explain the brand right.

2. Keep it Simple

A concept lost on many. No matter what the current trend is, a logo should be clean and minimal and your audience knows that. Depending on the type of logo you are going for, such as pictorial or font-based, you need to keep the elements to a minimum. A complicated design conveys a confused personality. So, if you want to relate to your audience, keep it simple. Minimalism and simplicity are the keys, the best way to get to the heart and mind of the customer. The more complicated you make the logo the more difficult it would be for the audience to grasp the idea of it. One of the main things that you have to keep in mind is to make everything simpler for the audience. You cannot confuse the customers by making things super complicated for them. Ease the things out and get your logo done.

3. Pick a Color Scheme

Another factor that contributes to a complicated logo design is the color scheme. If your logo has more than 3 colors in it, you best believe it won’t be a favorite. An ideal logo should involve 1-2 colors or follow a color scheme so the colors blend seamlessly together. Color also helps in conveying the message and feel of the brand, so if you are light and breezy, your colors need to speak that.  Your colors can make or break your logo, you have to go for the one that resonates with your brand the best. In case you are a simple and delicate brand which deals with medical-related products, make sure you are not going with the dark shades. Stay lowkey and use light tones that go with the brand right. Similarly, if you are someone with a toy shop and have kids related products, we suggest you go with the bright tones and colors as they attract the kids and are just the right pick for them.

4. Embrace the White Space

Too much and too little neither is good. But with logos, too much is always bad. Your logo should be able to speak a thousand words with just a symbol. Thus, there is no need to fill up every inch of space available. Create a statement, something that is simple and stands out even from afar. Utilize the white space to your advantage and give your logo a modern look.

5. Create a Symbol

You know those logos that don’t need a font to be understood. One that works very well on their own? It is because they were designed in such a way. If you are going for a pictorial-based logo, make sure your image relates to your brand and is simple, and works well alone. Focus on the proportion and symmetry, see if it fits well with your whole image. Don’t be a cliché but do not be eccentric as well. It’s good to add your personality but too much, and you won’t be relatable anymore. Having a symbol for the brand is the best that you can do for yourself. Make it your identity, apart from logo brands often take different symbols in their portfolio and get recognized by them all over the world. However, we suggest you go for the simpler symbols that can enhance your overall logo and become the main reason for your brand recognition.


I do not claim to know a fool-proof way of creating a captivating logo for a brand, but I do know some tips and tricks that can take you in the right direction. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your logo needs to coincide with your branding, and on the other hand, the logo is the beginning of branding. So, either way, it is crucial and should be handled accordingly. We hope this blog made your process a little easier.

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