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Most Valuable Startups in India

India has emerged as a fast developing country and is home to several startups. If you have an idea, you can get the support of influential and wealthy people, along with the government, which is also funding valuable startups in India. 

Benefits of Startups

Startups are popular nowadays, and the government is motivating entrepreneurs for establishing profitable startups in India
  • Ease of Registration: Anybody can apply with the help of a mobile app or through a website launched by the Indian Government. 
  • Ease of Funds: The government is ensuring easy access for funding the top Indian startups
  • Easy Access for Tenders: New startups can also apply for government tenders, and are even excluded from turnover standards, and some other mandatory process.
  • Ease of Taxes: Valuable startups in India are excluded from Income Tax and some other taxes, for a given time period. 
  • Ease of Exiting: A startup is allowed an easy exit in case it is required to windup. A startup can close its business within 90 days of starting.

Top Indian Startups

  1. Oyo

Oyo is a hotel startup and has emerged as one of the fastest ever-growing hotel chains in India. Currently, it is operating in almost 800 cities in over 80 countries, and the company has employed more than nineteen thousand people worldwide. 
  1. Big Basket

One of the leading online markets in India, Big Basket offers a combination of 18,000 items and more than 1000 brands. Its products ranges from fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, pulses, refreshments, to other personal care items including daily household requirements. At the time when people were facing hardships to purchase groceries, the company offered its services in major cities of India.
  1. Nykaa

An online beauty store and providing wellness products for men and women, Nykaa offers its products at very attractive prices. The company is a sole e-commerce platform and is planning to open retail outlets in several metropolitan cities in India. Nykaa is in high demand as the company comes up with several discount schemes and offers. The company was recently listed at the stock market and made a great debut
  1. Lenskart

A brilliant startup idea, Lenskart is a company dealing only with eyeglasses accessories. They have a huge customer base as the company provides a choice to order your eyeglasses online or even physically visit an offline store. The company also provides various services like home eye checkups, easy return policy, free delivery, and has a variety of frames and different kinds of lenses. 
  1. Infra.Market

Infra.Market is one of the companies that were able to make profits from the very beginning. It is a B2B online procurement platform for real estate and construction-related materials. The highlight of the company is affordable credit schemes and financing, which is mostly unavailable from other competitors of the same field.

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