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Stock is a grouping of shares. Shares are the components of a larger entity, namely stocks. A stock is a basic aggregate of the shares in a firm, whereas shares signify the fraction of ownership in the organization. Shares can be issued at par, at a premium, or at a discount.


Following are the key takeaways:
  • The Sensex denotes the benchmark stock index in India. It includes 30 of the biggest and most accurately capitalized stocks. All of these stocks are listed on the BSE.
  • S&P operates the index, which was first introduced in 1986.
  • It's done in both Indian rupees and US currencies.
  • The index is a market capitalization-weighted and float-adjusted.
  • The emergence of Sensex coincided with the opening up of the Indian economy.
Sensex share price always fluctuates. The price is currently averaging at 57,800 with a deficit of approx 470.

Stock Market

The stock market serves as a platform for investors to efficiently channel their savings into profitable investment possibilities. In the long run, it supports the national capital formation and subsequent economic viability. Following are the salient features of the stock market:
  • Stock exchanges bring buyers and sellers together to trade equity shares in public companies.
  • Stock markets are the key elements of a free-market economy. They allow for democratized access to trade and capital exchange for all types of investors.
  • In India, the stock market is governed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).
  • SEBI fulfills a host of responsibilities in markets, including efficient price formation and immaculate share dealing.
Stock market today shows the following developments:
  • The auto, bank, PSU bank, realty indices are down by 1%.
  • Metal, pharmaceutical, and power sectors are all on a buying spree.
  • Midcap and smallcap indices on the BSE are on a downward trend.
https://twitter.com/NDTVProfit/status/1470658388426063876 All corporate news, announcements, and financial reporting are maintained by the stock exchanges. These may be found on their official websites or share market news. A stock market also facilitates several other transaction-related activities at the business level.  Profitable corporations, for example, may pay dividends to investors. The dividends are normally derived from a portion of the company's earnings. The exchange keeps track of the relevant data and can help with its processing.


In share trading activities, the stock exchange is responsible for assuring price transparency, price discovery, liquidity, and fair financial interactions.

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