How is NCERT exemplar different from other textbook solutions?

When students prepare for the exam, they often look for the right study material which helps them score well. It is important to find such study material which helps them to ace the exam, whether boards or competitive exams like JEE mains, JEE advance etc. Usually, we heard students studying from the NCERT books as these books generally cover everything as per the CBSE syllabus. NCERT textbooks are best for building the topic understanding and help in bringing clarity in concept. But once you get a thorough understanding of the concept, students always look for guides and reference books to practice more. So for this, one can rely on NCERT exemplar solutions which will help your ability to solve more tricky questions. Students often get confused with NCERT books and NCERT exemplars. Know that the NCERT textbooks will help you to grasp better knowledge about the basic concepts, whereas the NCERT exemplar will increase your ability to solve tricky questions. This will increase your chances to score well in your exams.  Following are some of the points highlighting how NCERT exemplar is different from the NCERT textbook:

  • Helps in in-depth knowledge- Know that the NCERT textbook includes all the basic concepts whereas the NCERT exemplar includes in-depth knowledge about the topics which are expected to come in the exam. The textbooks will usually include the basics of the concepts and topics. But the NCERT exemplar will be full of in detail explanations of the topics. This will help in a deep understanding of the concepts. Once you are done with your textbook, you are advised to go through the NCERT exemplar for more information.
  • Solve tricky questions- This will enhance the student’s capability to solve tricky questions. As already said, this helps in in-depth knowledge, it’s pretty obvious that it will increase the ability of the student to lay his/her hands on complex questions or numerical. No matter, what class it is, it is always expected that 10% of the exam will be tough. But with the help of the NCERT exemplar, you will be able to solve that 10% of the exam properly.
  • Different preparation strategy- Know that if you directly jump on the NCERT exemplar, you won’t be able to prepare well. It is always best to first go with the NCERT textbooks so that you get proper clarity of the basics. Once you feel that you are done with it, you can start solving NCERT exemplars. Vivid knowledge and basic will help you to properly prepare with the NCERT exemplar. One should understand that NCERT textbooks will help you to hold onto the basics whereas NCERT exemplar will help you with the proper grabbing of the topic, so that you get the ability to solve, no matter how tough the questions are.
  • High-level questions- With the help of the NCERT exemplar, you will be able to solve high-level questions. You can solve questions with an average level of difficulty with NCERT textbooks, but with the help of the NCERT exemplar, you can easily solve the high-level questions within seconds. Know that it contains questions in all forms like MCQs, fill in the blanks, match the following, short questions and long type questions.
  • Best for all exams- It starts from class 6 to class 12 and also helps with the preparation of competitive exams. No matter what stream you are in, you can find NCERT exemplars in mathematics, science, physics, biology etc. You can download the study material and save it in a pdf form on your device. You can also prepare it for the national level exams like JEE advanced or JEE mains. 
  • NCERT exemplar solutions- You can find the solutions on any well-known online platform easily. Also, some think that the NCERT textbook solutions can be found in the NCERT exemplar, but it is not true. Also, the NCERT textbook is chapter wise for basic understanding of the concept, whereas the NCERT exemplar is a higher difficulty level. 
So above are the points highlighting how NCERT exemplar is different from NCERT textbooks. You can easily find NCERT exemplar books on any online platform through which you can prepare well. If you are looking for one, you can visit ‘Infinity Learn’ as they provide study material from class 6 to class 12. Their study material will also help you with the preparation of national level exams like JEE Advanced, JEE mains etc. Just make sure to never go for NCERT exemplar in the first place. Prefer NCERT textbooks first and then prefer NCERT exemplar. The reason is that the NCERT exemplar is a bit high level, so always start from the basic level. Grow step by step for a thorough understanding of the concept. Prepare well and solve the tricky and complex questions only when you think you have completed the whole syllabus. 

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