The Advantages of Online Education & E-learning

With the invention of computers and the development of the Internet, our lives have become so simplified. We can get access to anything at our fingertips with just a single click on our devices. Everything has been made available to us very easily. Following this trend of Digitization and Globalization, now education is also made available to us through online mode. Now, the Education sector has also upgraded itself to comfort with this upgraded technological model by the name of Online Education or E-learning. E-Learning basically stands for electronic learning, where a person can learn anything through the use of the Internet. The E-learning model has sorted out so many problems of the students which they were facing through the traditional way of learning. There were so many issues in the traditional way of education which may be counted as:

  • Limited availability of courses. 
  • Uncomfortable timing issue.
  • Limited number of lecturers. 
  • Limited Study material.
  • Travelling and other unwanted expenses en route to the physical institution.
  • Expensive fee structures.
  • Some sort of Discriminatory activities.
And so many to say. E-Learning platforms have sorted out all these issues and offer a wide range of courses, study and research materials available to the learners. So, the students and employees who wanted to learn different skills and different courses could avail themselves these from their own homes at their convenient time zones at a very reasonable price range. They don't need to travel to very far off regions to get a course they're interested in and waste their quality time over seeking a good lecturer and their desired courses. E-learning also evades the problem of Racial and Lingual discrimination because they are found commonly in the traditional way of learning.  Along with having so many benefits of E-learning, it has a few drawbacks as well. As every coin has 2 faces so this mode too has a few flaws, which are as follows:
  • Due to regular spending long screen hours learners have to face so many health problems.
  • Many times, some learners get cheated because so many fraud persons are also active on the Internet.
  • Due to less physical interaction, people are getting emotionless day by day, which is the only quality that distinguishes humans from other animals.
These are some of the drawbacks of E-learning which we need to consider while considering its merits. But if the flaws are taken aside and keeping the positive aspect on a heavier side, we could conclude that E-learning is constructive from the learners perspective. The only thing that we need to keep in mind while considering its drawbacks is that it's very useful for all of us.

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