What are the Current Challenges Faced By The Indian Education System?

Indian education is an important part of every Indian family. With tough competition to enter universities and crack competitive exams, children and parents start preparing for the future from an early age. India is known to have some of the best colleges and universities such as the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi University, National Law Universities, and much more. However, not every student has access to it. Regardless of whether it is due to the lack of money or costly higher education, not every student in the present times can afford a decent education in India.  Also Read: SSC CGL 2022 Notification Out: Check Exam Date, Exam Pattern, Vacancies And More

Let’s check out the current challenges faced by students in the Indian system of education!

Current Challenges 

  • Education Model is Outdated: The education model in which India uses traditional methods of teaching and subjects that are not too relevant in the modern world is quite outdated. There is an urgent need to update the education model in India so that it can be well-adapted to the current job market. 
  • Shortage of Qualified Teachers: There is a massive shortage of teachers in educational institutions in India. When it comes to small or medium-sized schools, there is one teacher for 40-50 students. It is similar to institutions that offer higher education. Hence, there is a need to prepare more qualified teachers so that students can get a high-quality education. 
  • Does not Prepare Students for the Job Market: Another huge problem is that the current education system does not prepare students to enter the job market. There is a huge gap between the theoretical knowledge that students gain by studying and the practical knowledge that they need to do their job well. 
  • Little to No Use of Technology: Schools and universities in India make little to no use of the latest technology such as whiteboards and projectors. This makes the classes boring and repetitive, making it harder for students to retain what they learn in the classroom. 
  • Lack of Infrastructure: This is one of the biggest problems in the Indian education system today. Good and well-adapted infrastructure is sorely lacking in most well-regarded Indian institutions today. 
It is pertinent to note that most of these challenges can be overcome with a simple note-taking of the current status of the educational system in India. Moreover, it is crucial to employ a unified approach toward education in the country as the education sector in India tends to follow a chaotic and incoherent approach in the present times.  Having said all that, it cannot be disputed that the Indian system of education is high-spirited and progressive, allowing all students to establish themselves as well-educated and literate citizens of the country. Indeed, the biggest challenges only lie in testing the patience, tolerance as well as capabilities when it comes to defining the overall Indian governance. Rest assured, the key is to establish a competent government that can help overcome these challenges in the educational sector. Hopefully, we will see better India news in the education sector in the coming days.

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