What is Fashion Designing all about & how someone can become a Fashion Designer?

Fashion Designing is basically the Art of implementing the creativity & imagination of designers on our dressing and wearing sense. Through the implementation of the designer’s art, the artist designs the apparel and ornaments, which reflects the trending scenario in the fashion industry along with keeping in mind the customer needs and desires. As we all know that time and trends don’t remain the same, everything changes with the passage of time. So, to correlate with today’s world, one needs to keep himself updated with the current fashion trends, so here comes the role of a fashion designer. A Fashion Designer has to design the dresses in such a manner that their design matches the comfort of the user, which ultimately reflects the customer personality & his/her confidence level.

How Someone can become a Fashion Designer

It’s not necessary to become a fashion designer one needs to be a designer from birth. Designing is a skill that a person can inculcate in himself by dedicating himself to this field. Anyone can become a designer who has the below-mentioned skills:
  • Ability to draw.
  • Creativity in his/her mind.
  • Attitude to learn.
  • Imagination.
  • Persistence. 
  • And most importantly, passion for design.
One who doesn’t have any background in fashion designing and seeking to build his/her career in this field can pursue his career by undergoing these available courses:
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing.
  • BSc in Fashion and Apparel Design.
  • Master’s Degree in fashion management.
Also, there are some certification courses available in fashion design. These are as follows:
  • Certification course in Pattern Making and Draping.
  • Certificate in advance Fashion Designing and Illustrations.
  • Weekend diploma in Fashion Designing.

Eligibility to Pursue available Courses

For diploma course: The diploma course is of 2 years duration & one can undergo diploma course after completing 10th std board exams. For BSc degree program: The degree program can be pursued in 2 manners. First, one after 12th three years degree program or as a lateral entry one could pursue the course after completing a diploma in following mentioned courses- ADFT/Textiles/HANd-Looms/Costume design & fashion & the duration for lateral entry course is of 2 years. For a Master’s program: One needs to have a Degree in any recognized field, but to have a degree in fashion designing course would be a plus point.

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