10 Times Bollywood celebrities roasted each other : Where’s the Burnol?

  1. Deepika Padukone VS Ranbir Kapoor
Ex-lovers Deepika and Ranbir are now best of friends but there was a time when the female actor was in a total no filter zone for the latter and went on to roast Ranbir on Koffee with Karan season 3 .  When asked about what advice she would give to her ex Ranbir, she replied without blinking an eye, “Endorse a condom brand”. Burn!! [caption id="attachment_4886" align="alignnone" width="245"]deepika vs ranbir Credits: GIPHY[/caption] 2. Priyanka Chopra VS Kareena Kapoor Both the divas are quite successful in their careers and are considered one of the industry's top-paid female actors. Things became quite on the bitchy side when Bebo on Koffee with Karan asked where does she (Priyanka) gets that accent from. When Kjo asked the question to Priyanka in another episode, the actor replied, “Umm, I think it's the same place that her boyfriend gets it from” ouch! priyanka vs kareena 3. Shahrukh Khan VS Aamir Khan Both the Khans have made quite the juicy headlines for their statements about each other.  When Kjo, on his show Koffee with Karan, asked King Khan, “What if you woke up one morning and found out that you have turned into Aamir, you would? SRK replied, “I would tell the world that Shahrukh is the better actor”. Wonder what Mr. Perfectionist thinks of it! [caption id="attachment_4889" align="alignnone" width="480"]shahrukh vs aamir Credits: GIPHY[/caption] 4. Hrithik Roshan VS Preity Zinta Koffee with Karan really brings out the meanest statements from the actors you expect the least from; when Kjo asked Hrithik in the rapid-fire round, “Preity or Jadoo”? , the actor replied, “Jadoo, because he only spoke when he was spoken too.” Well, that’s quite mean! [caption id="attachment_4892" align="alignnone" width="480"]hrithik vs preity Credits: GIPHY[/caption] 5. Kirti Kharbanda VS Hina Khan Hina Khan made a lot of headlines while she was in the Bigg Boss house. In an episode, she said that she rejected two South Indian film offers just because she was asked to put on weight, but this didn’t go down well with female actor Kirti Kharbanda, who has done many movies in the South.  Kirti Kharbanda, while defending the South Indian film industry, said, “If someone asked her to gain weight, they would've needed it for the character. What do you mean by bulging bulging achi nahi lagti, 2 thappad khayegi udhar hi”. Ouch! Where’s the Burnol? [caption id="attachment_4893" align="alignnone" width="270"]kirti kharbanda vs hina khan Credits: Pinterest[/caption] 6. Kangana Ranaut VS Hrithik Roshan The ugliest spat in Bollywood has to be the Kangana and Hrithik’s alleged breakup. The female actor was quite the center of attention when she came on the show Aap ki Adalat and revealed all the details about Hrithik.  Kangana was in a no filter zone and claimed that Hrithik wrote 1000 emails and sent them to himself from Kangana’s email ID to prove that the female actor was obsessed with him. Kangana also said, “Itni hi dikkat thi usko (Hrithik) merese toh mere birthday party mai floor pe lot lot ke kyun naachta tha woh?”  [caption id="attachment_4894" align="alignnone" width="480"]kangana vs hrithik Credits: GIPHY[/caption] 7. Sonam Kapoor VS Ranbir Kapoor When Kjo on his show asked Sonam Kapoor about her thoughts about Ranbir Kapoor, she said, he’s a really nice guy, he’s got family values, he’s really respectful. I’ve known Ranbir all my life, but as a boyfriend, I don’t know..Deepika did a great job at hanging on to him for so long!" and Deepika immediately thanked her. [caption id="attachment_4895" align="alignnone" width="500"]sonam kapoor vs ranbir kapoor Credits: GIPHY[/caption] 8. Nasruddin Shah VS Shatrughan Sinha The veteran actor, Nasruddin Shah, is extremely possessive about theatres and openly criticised the actors who switch from their Bollywood career and try their luck in the theatre industry.  Nasruddin shah in an an interview to Zoom TV said, “Yeh sarey jinka filmon ka daur khatam ho chuka hai, woh ab theatre par ehsaan karna chah rahey hai. Sinha sahab (Shatrughan Sinha) aatey hai theatre pe, bohout ehsaan karte hai woh. Theatre ko unki zarurat nahi hai.” Meanwhile, Shatrughan Sinha: Nasruddin Shah vs Shatrughan Sinha 9. Tapsee Pannu VS Kangana Ranaut Both the female actors are the finest actresses of Bollywood and never shy from publicly speaking their opinion. The Twitter war between the two started after Rihanna Tweeted about the on-going farmers' protest In India. Kangana tweeted that this is a part of big propaganda to which Tapsee didn’t agree.  The Twitter spat between the two had a jaw-dropping moment for everyone! [caption id="attachment_4910" align="alignnone" width="601"]tapsee pannu vs kangana ranaut Image credits: Twitter/taapsee pannu[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4909" align="alignnone" width="598"]tapsee pannu vs kangana ranaut 1 Image credits: Twitter/taapsee pannu[/caption] The now-deleted tweet by Kangana was, “Teri maa ko main gali doon it will rattle your belief dumbo? National platforms pe uska apman karu... I know you will strengthen your love not do anything tabhi toh tere jaise dusaron ki rotiyon pe palne wale paltu hote hain...kabhi kuch aur nahin ban pate, chup kar aab. 10. AR Rahman VS Salman The fight between the music composer and the actor started after AR Rahman accused Salman of a breach of copyright for using the title Jai Ho because the former already has a song by the same name. (Jai ho song was used in the oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire). In a viral video, when a reporter asked AR Rahman about when he will work with Salman next, the composer replied, “He has to do movies that I like”. Well, That’s a burn! [caption id="attachment_4905" align="alignnone" width="480"]ar rahman vs salman khan Credits: GIPHY[/caption]

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