From Tamasha to Jab Tak Hai Jaan, These films Just Flows Poetically!

Throughout history, poems have always played an important role in expressing a poet’s emotions in different eras. In present times, although the field has been diversified with varied categories, its essence still feels the same as it was a few decades back. It is because modern filmmakers are inducting poetry work in various films and drama series. This helps in amplifying the film's taste with the addition of romantic or emotional flavour.  So, here’s your guide to movies that feel like poetry. 


Although Tamasha didn't work at the box office, it created its place among people who view love as an extremely deep and complex emotion. Nowadays, it’s a common trend that couples part ways due to meagre issues. However, Imtiaz Ali, the director tries to portray a completely different picture of love in Tamasha. In the movie, a couple deep-in-love sour up their relationship for pity issues. However, later they realize their mistake and try to make things work with their little steps. Everything from the prevalence of issues to final reunion between them poetically flows throughout the storyline. Also read: 12 Times we Fell in Love with Imtiaz Ali all Over Again! 

Jojo Rabbit

We all have grown under the shelter of our parents' love, who are there whenever we need them the most. Throughout our childhood, they never allowed us to feel worried about pity things, so how could we expect to hurt them? Well, Jojo Rabbit is a little different concept that tries to picture the life of a young boy Jojo who loses his mother at an young age. The emptiness of a mother's love in life and her habits takes viewers to an emotional ride. This also makes the storyline tilt towards portraying the life of a child without his parents in a poetic form. 

Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Another film that stands out as the best film when it comes to capturing poetic essence is Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The entire storyline of this movie is based on a monologue of Samar (Shah Rukh Khan), the lead character. The plot describes the transformation of Samar from a cheery, hopeless and romantic fellow to a bomb disposal expert. As the life of a bomb diffuser is not promising because he has to encounter death almost every other day, a beautiful poetic picture comes out for the audience.

Dead Poets Society

From our schooldays, we all share a bunch of memories. Among these, some are good in taste, while some have bitter experiences. The same plot is reflected in Dead Poets Society, which makes the film the best among audiences. A scene in which Keating was trying to bring poems out of Todd has a special relevance for audiences. Although the whole plot is relatable to every one of us, some episodes deserve a special mention! 


Interstellar is a combo of many emotional scenes but the one that melt our hearts is when Cooper learns about the text that his children sent him for many years. As the film is based on the theory of time travel, it is narrated as a poem reflecting a father's emotions for his children. 

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