Here’s How Zindagi Gulzar Hai Fame Fawad Khan Became A GLOBAL CRUSH!

Fawad Khan, as Zaroon Junaid in the Pakistani drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai has won the hearts of millions of women worldwide in his career.  They say that an actor's popularity comes with an expiry date, but this is not how it looks, at least in the case of the superstar Fawad Khan. This Pakistani actor is the darling of millions of women, and we are sure there’s absolutely no woman who doesn’t want to see Fawad on-screen. Fawad Khan is one of the rare men who looks amazing in nearly every attire he carries, and this charm makes the actor one of the finest actors in the history of Lollywood.   Also Read: Where are old favourites Amrita Rao, Fawad Khan, and Ayesha Takia Now?

The Zindagi Gulzar Hai fan Club 

Fawad Khan portrayed the character of Zaroon Junaid in Zindagi Gulzar Hai Pakistani show. As much as people viewed this drama for Fawad, they also loved the storyline of the drama serial, and it was a super hit. Zaroon’s flirtatiousness and chauvinistic personality made women go gala over his appearance on screen.  The character of Zaroon Junaid portrayed by Fawad Khan in the show posses qualities that women find attractive. It is an iconic character, here’s why:

He is romantic AF

No woman can ignore the love and romance showered by the character of Fawad Khan Zaroon Junaid. Although the story of enemies turned lovers is quite common to watch, there was not a single episode in this serial that wouldn’t have motivated you girls to pray for a partner like Zaroon. The slow-cooked love shown in the story will definitely melt your heart. 

His caring personality

Women love Fawad Khan for his caring nature, as seen in the drama. Sanam Saeed, the love interest of Fawad is a girl who has faced a traumatic childhood. Her father never stood by the family, and this past keeps haunting her. As a result, she refrains from trusting men as she believes all men are the same.  Despite her shielded nature, the way Zaroon tries to calm her down and takes care of her is what makes her give up. And seeing this, every woman in the audience starts craving a partner like Zaroon. 

His passionate eyes

Imagine your love keeping his sight glued on you in a room full of people. Does it sound dreamy? Yes, it is dreamy, and that’s how Zaroon has shown love to Kashaf. Zindagi Gulzar Hai Fawad Khan Sanam Saeed has raised the bar on how a relationship should be. 

His responsible nature

Zaroon is a responsible guy who ensures he takes of everything as Kashaf becomes his wife. Kashaf gets deeply moved by this nature as she has never seen her father take any household responsibility as a man.  Any woman would fall for a man like Zaroon, who knows his responsibilities towards his family. This makes Fawad Khan Zindagi Gulzar Hai one of the best dramas in the Pakistani industry.  This Pakistani drama made Fawad Khan Sanam Saeed one of the most loved on-screen couple and people are still in love with the chemistry portrayed back then. If you have still not watched Zindagi Gulzar Hai, we highly recommend you to watch it. You’ll be hooked to it and honestly, there’s no going back! 

Here’s a scene between Zaroon and Kashaf that we are totally crushing on: 


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