Squid Game becomes Netflix’s biggest ever Series Launch. 

Netflix, the streaming giant with whooping 209.18 million subscribers worldwide, announces the Korean drama “Squid Game” the most popular series on Netflix ever. The series from filmmaker “Dong-hyuk” had a global release on Netflix on September 17. Since then, more than 111 million Netflix users have watched the ultra-violent show in the initial 28 days after its release. Previously the London romantic series “Bridgeton” was the most-watched show after its initial debut with a record of 82 million views in January. Bridgeton was also the first show on Netflix that crossed 100 million views in its first four weeks after release.   The exclusive metric that Netflix has used to reach these results depends upon how many people selected the given title and streamed it for a minimum of two minutes. Therefore, it reflects no absolute number of people who watched even two to three complete episodes of the series and is accountable mainly for those who clicked on the title to check out the trendy stuff. But if the fact about metric makes you undermine the viewership of Squid games, then it is time for disillusion! Recently, Netflix has shed light on its list of top 10 most-watched films and shows.   The results are based on the number on the total number of hours people watched them. Even in that list, Squid Game has established itself as the winner and most popular series released on Netflix ever. It has come up as an enormous buzz in its initial stage. Moreover, two weeks ago the Ted Sarandos, the co-CEO of Netflix, said that the squid game has a high chance of conquering the throne of the number one show on the streaming platform. At the code conference of vox media, co-CEO reports that it was surprising to see such a response in terms of global popularity.  Season 1 of Squid Game has nine episodes with a run-time of 8 hours and 12 minutes. One of the primary aspects that helped Squid Game reach the pinnacle was its ability to transcend language barriers. It has subtitles and dubs on Netflix in over 30 languages. It enabled it to widen its reach and engage more audience. Apart from language, the “Battle-Royale” theme of the series is responsible for adding tremendous thrill to the series and attracting more viewership. The filmmaker Dong-hyuk reports that the idea for this show arose in his mind during 2008, but several studios rejected it due to its violence. Indeed the show is a masterpiece and deserves the achievements.

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