Timeless Beauty Rekha’s ‘Fat is ugly’ Comment Goes Viral! But Here’s What The Context is!

Bollywood queen Rekha is known for her timeless beauty. You cannot really guess her age if you look at her now. She is in her late 60s but her radiance and glow tell a different story. But not everyone knows that Rekha went through a drastic transformation in the 80s. She transformed from being plump to a physically fit person.  Rekha even faced a lot of criticism from her co-stars and others for her plump body and dark skin. However, after facing these criticisms in the 80s, she decided to work towards losing weight and being physically fitter.  In one of her interviews with Simi Garewal, she said that it took her almost two and a half years to stop binging on junk food. So, Rekha transformation was not overnight. She also admitted in the Rekha Simi Garewal interview that in those times, people didn’t have a lot of knowledge about diets and losing weight.  A throwback of Rekha interview highlights her comments about beauty. She said: “To be a completely beautiful woman, you’ve to be slim and fit. Definitely not fat. Fat is ugly.”  Recently, this comment was highlighted on the internet and Rekha faced a lot of criticism from people. However, her supporters were not wrong in showing that the interview comes from a time when political correctness was not a thing. Moreover, it is commendable to see the positive changes that she brought about in her life and transformed herself into one of the most beautiful and influential stars of her time.  Also read: The Only Time When Rekha Made Jaya Bachchan Cry For Her Husband, Amitabh Bachchan Many people supported her after she called fat people ugly saying that many people still have the same mindset, even though they do not say it openly. At least, Rekha had the guts to share her opinion openly.  Moreover, during her youth, she was fat-shamed and called ugly and dark. This is the standard that she was held to during that time, which is why her mindset was like this. Although it is not right, you cannot really have a healthy opinion about body image if you yourself have struggled with your body and faced extreme public scrutiny while you are at it.  That said, it is definitely shocking to hear a celebrity say such a thing but in today’s age and time when people are more socially aware, you would not hear a film star say such a thing because they have to protect their reputation and brand. So, even if a Bollywood celebrity feel that fat people are ugly, it is not something that they would admit to in public.  Today, Rekha is regarded as one of the most graceful stars of her generation and is widely admired for her looks. She is often looked up to by the new female actors in town who turn to her for her wisdom and seek her secret for beauty. It is no wonder that they do so because she is in her 60s today and she looks no more than 30 years old.

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