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04 Feb, 2023
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8 Trendy Celebrity Denim Styles That You Need To Add To Your Wardrobe Right Now!

Wondering what denim style to buy next? Well, we have all the trending denim options for you. At the end of the list, you will be able to decide what to buy next!

slim fit jeans popxo

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  1. Slim-fit Jeans:If you want your jeans to hug your body in the right places, then a slim fit will do that for you. The slim fit denim style has a figure-hugging silhouette. They come in a variety of washes like dark wash, light wash, coloured denim, and even acid wash. 

How to Pair – You can pair your slim fit jeans with a plain buttoned shirt, crop top, or even with a basic t-shirt. 


high waist jeans pinterest

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  1. High-waist Jeans:The high-waisted jeans cinches your waistline and gives you an edgy look. If you want a tall and sleek look, go for a high-waisted jeans look. 

How to Pair: You can style your high-waist jeans with a sheer blouse top, striped shirt, tank top, or crop top. Just make sure to let your waistline do the talking.


boyfriend jeans Pinterest

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  1. Boyfriend Jeans: The fit of the boyfriend jeans is quite loose, and trust us, they are insanely comfortable. It’s literally that kind of jeans that you might steal from your boyfriend. 

How to pair- You can pair up your boyfriend jeans with a printed top, crop top, or t-shirt. Adding a bomber jacket will take the look to another level. 


mom jeans vogue

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  1. Mom Jeans: New to the denim block, mom jeans’ fit are somewhere in between slim fit and boyfriend jeans, neither too loose nor too tight. The mom jeans do hugs your body but leaves some space too. 

How to Pair: You can pair up your mom jeans with a leather jacket, tube top, balloon top, or with a plain buttoned shirt. 


high waist flare jeans ITDC India 1

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  1. High-rise Flare Jeans: The high-rise flare jeans aka “bell bottom” were popular in the 70’s era, but as they say, trends do come back! The look of high-rise Flare jeans are somewhat like boot cut jeans; the only difference is that the flare is wider.

How to Pair: You can style your high-rise flare Jeans with a slim-fit crop top, tucked-in turtleneck top paired with a blazer.


baggy jeans Vogue

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  1. Super Baggy Jeans– If you are a person who prefers comfort over style, then go for a Super baggy jeans look. These jeans are comfortable and trending. The baggy jeans are very loose along the hip and thigh area with an ultra-wide leg opening. 

How to Pair: You can pair your super baggy jeans with a sheer blouse, boho blouse, tube top, fitted blazer, or with an oversized top. 


two tone jeans vogue India

Image credits: Vogue India

  1. Two-tone Denim jeans– The two-tone denim is the most interesting out of all. The striking feature is the contrasting hues on either side of the leg. They are a little tricky to work with, but if you are able to pull it off, a lot of compliments are coming your way. 

How to Pair: You can style your two-tone denim with a bodysuit, tank top, or a plain tee. Just make sure to let the jeans be the hero of your look. 


boot cut jeans instagram Athiya Shetty

Image credits: Instagram/athiyashetty

  1. Boot cut Jeans – The boot cut jeans style is similar to that of a bell bottom, but the difference is that boot cut jeans’ fit is narrower than the latter. 

How to Pair: You can pair your boot cut jeans with a heavily embellished crop top, sleeveless satin top, or a cold shoulder top. 

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