Dress Up Elegantly this Onam with Kerala Kasavu Sarees!

Onam, the biggest festival celebrated in the South Indian State of Kerala is round the corner, and people, especially women are busy finishing the eleventh hour preps. The festival of Onam is all about giant celebrations, and Onam 2022 is even more special because people will be celebrating it with full zeal after two years covid break.  Onam marks the appearance of the Vamana avatar of Vishnu and the homecoming of Emperor Mahabali. People believe that the King visits every Malayali home and greets his subjects on this auspicious day. This year, the festival of Onam will be celebrated on September 8. On this day, the Malayali women dress up in Kerala Kasavu sarees that highlights the cultural heritage of the women of South India. Kerala Kasavu sarees are available in wide assortments of colours and styles, which suits women with all kinds of preferences. 

Types of Kerala Kasavu Sarees     

Let’s look at some of the variants of the Kerala Kasavu sarees that you can flaunt this Onam. 

Cotton Kerala Kasavu Sarees

A lot of timeless pieces in this category are made using cotton fabric that brings the best combination of comfort and gorgeousness. Cotton Kerala Kasavu sarees are breathable, easy to wear, easy to maintain, and provide maximum comfort.  These cotton sarees are much-loved by people in Kerala and all across the country. As a result, they are one of the most demanded categories of Kerala Kasavu sarees. 

Silk Sarees with Embroidery

Silk sarees are designed to give you a regal look, and many women prefer to pick Kasavu silk saree to be worn at festivals like Onam or even during weddings. Although these sarees look heavier compared to their counterparts, they aren’t too heavy in weight. Most luxurious silk sarees are designed with intricate embroidery patterns, especially borders, which add a more elegant and luxurious look to the 6-yard fabric. 

Sarees with Statement Borders

Golden border Kerala Kasavu sarees are highly in demand. These saree patterns are not just worn in Kerala, but people from all across the globe buy this pattern and flaunt them as a speciality from South India. These borders are usually weaven or stitched into the saree fabric. The golden thread used in these borders gives the saree a sheen look that makes them the perfect Kerala Kasavu saree for wedding.  So, if it’s your wedding or you are about to attend someone else’s wedding, you can choose this option for yourself or even to gift it to your loved ones. 

Mixed Fabric Kerala Kasavu Sarees

Mixed fabric sarees are great for people who don’t want to go for plain cotton or shiny silks. The Kerala Kasavu sarees in this category are designed including a variety of contemporary options that include peacock, floral patterns, etc. They can be a great addition to your wardrobe, and you can wear them on almost every occasion.

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