Can a Non-Drinker Celebrate Diwali? Hell Yes! Here Are Some Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Diwali 2022 is almost here and what is this festival without food and drinks? While the preparations for Diwali is in full swing, many people might be wondering about some Diwali 2022 recipes for non-alcoholic drinks in India because after all, Diwali is a religious festival and people refrain from drinking alcohol during this auspicious time.  If you are also looking for some non-alcoholic drinks to make at home, then you have come to the right place.  In this article, we share with you some non-alcoholic drinks names and recipes to help you create your very own non-alcoholic drinks menu at home this year.  Also read: Swear by these Mocktail Recipes for your next Weekend Party!  Let us check out some of the best Diwali 2022 non-alcoholic drink recipes that you can enjoy with your friends and family!  Thandai: This is one of the most popular non-alcoholic drink names that everyone loves. Thandai is super refreshing and rich in nutrients as well as antioxidants. You can buy a Thandai mix and make it at home in no time. But if you want to make it from scratch, that is also not too difficult.  The ingredients required to make Thandai from scratch are cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, full fat milk, sugar, fennel seeds, melon seeds, black peppercorns, dry rose petals, cardamon, saffron, cinnamon and poppy seeds. Soak all the nuts and seeds for 3-4 hours before using them. Add saffron to hot milk and leave it aside. Now, grind everything together and serve it chilled with rose petals on the top. This drink is healthy and can really calm you down. So, thandai can be a super hit if you make it for your Diwali party this year.  https://youtu.be/rQGYRK_TRRQ Apple Mocktail: Apple mocktail is another refreshing beverage that you can add to the list of your drinks menu. You can make it using some simple ingredients such as fresh ginger, apple cider, cinnamon sticks, ginger ale, and ice. You can also use some fresh apples for garnishing at the end. Just mix the ingredients together and serve fresh.  https://youtu.be/7jgrcVdrsOI Orange Mocktail: You can easily make an orange mocktail at home which is an amazing non-alcoholic drink for party purposes. As the name suggests, this drink is made with oranges, lemon juice, ginger ale, mint, and apple cider vinegar. You can add some ice cubes and garnish the drink with fresh mint leaves. The end result is delicious and a crowd favorite!  https://youtu.be/wghkKlq0Aoo Cucumber Mint Mocktail: Just the name of this beverage is so refreshing. Cucumber Mint Mocktail can be made by using fresh mint leaves, fresh slices cucumber, soda, freshly squeezed lemon, powdered sugar. Just mix all the ingredients together, add some ice on top and serve it fresh garnished with a slice of lemon.  https://youtu.be/1nbbn5zohEw These are some of the best non-alcoholic drinks to make at home this Diwali without breaking a sweat. So, which non-alcoholic drinks for Diwali are you going to make this year? 

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