Need Some Vegan Breakfast Ideas? We’ve Got Your Back!

Breakfast is the most critical meal of the day as it helps to open up your mind and body and prepare them for the remainder of the day.  Often, people struggle to prepare yummy meals as they require a lot of time. One of the other problems is deciding what to make - don't you agree that mornings are always rushed? As a result, we settle for ready-to-cook packaged items. But what we don’t realise is that food and lifestyle are both interconnected in staying healthy.  So, it's high time to stay away from readymade foods and try these delectable vegan breakfast ideas.  These vegan breakfast ideas are not only easy-to-make but are also healthy, and refreshing. Plus, these breakfasts are for anyone and everyone, vegan or non-vegan; everyone can enjoy them.  Also read: Here’s How Turning Vegan Can Benefit Your Health

What is Vegan Breakfast? 

A vegan breakfast includes a plant-based diet. Most of vegan breakfast ideas include minimally processed foods like plant-based proteins, vegetables, and whole grains (like oatmeal).  Although many classic plant-based breakfast recipes like smoothies and oatmeal are naturally vegan; others, like muffins, pancakes, and tacos can also be made vegan with a couple of simple ingredients exchanged.  These days, we have multiple vegan substitutions and ingredients that you can use to prepare a vegan breakfast. Therefore no matter what your choice is, sweet or savoury, we got your back. So, let’s dive in! 

Avocado vegan toast 

This is such a simple formula for a vegan healthy diet breakfast. Avocados are natural and super creamy, making them exquisite as a paste or spread. Create this filling by topping it with everything you like, from chickpeas and tomatoes to corn salsa and fresh radishes.

Vegan french toast 

Enjoy this vegan french toast made of vegan healthy food, dairy and egg-free. In no time, you will be slapping away family members' hands as they fight to steal these super tasty plant-based breakfast off the plate!

Sweet potato vegan toast

Whether you are in the mood for savoury or sweet, this healthy vegan breakfast idea hits the spot! Load it up with your favourite paste, nut butter spread, fruits, or a dash of seeds. 

Peanut butter, coconut & banana 

This sweet breakfast toast deserves much praise! To turn this simple vegan breakfast idea into a special one, add cooked coconut flakes and enjoy the taste.

Mango vegan toast with hazelnut-pepita butter

Not a fan of avocado toast? Try the sweet-and-savoury vegan fruit toast instead. Spread slices of sourdough with nut butter paste, then sprinkle mango or other available seasonal fresh fruits like sliced melons, apples, berries, etc.

Almond butter vegan toast 

Next up in our vegan breakfast idea is almond butter vegan toast! It's a super easy and most popular breakfast meal. It is full of protein and keeps you happy and energized all morning! You can either use purchased almond butter or DIY a homemade spread like cashew butter, almond butter, or any nut butter if you own a food blender. Sprinkle it with honey and berries or a simple jam to make it even more appetizing! 

Caramelized bananas vegan toast 

This vegan breakfast idea uses bananas in a couple of ways: firstly in the bread soak and secondly as caramelized on top. Combine it with chia seeds and spiced pecans to make an additional nutrient-filled breakfast. As a vegan breakfast idea, you can also add a touch of peanut or almond butter spread to balance its sweetness.  These vegan breakfast ideas are the best healthy plant-based alternatives to keep your health and nutrition in check and to have an energized morning. 

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