Holi is All About Munching On Delicious Food!

Holi will be here very soon, and we are all set to celebrate this festival of the spring season. Holi is largely known as the festival of colors, but we can’t ignore the tasteful delicacies that surround this festival. This Indian festival is no more limited to the boundaries of one country, but it is now celebrated worldwide, adding more recognition and varieties to the celebration.  Besides colors, the Indian festival Holi is also recognized for feasting good food. From sweets to spicy, all sorts of food varieties are served and enjoyed as a part of celebration. So, if you’re wondering what to cook this Holi, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Holi recipes. 


Gujiya is the star sweet dish prepared especially on this festival. These are sweet dumplings made using the all-purpose flour. The sheets are stuffed with dry fruits and condensed milk (khoa), which are then folded in the shape of a dumpling. Further, these dumplings are deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup to be served hot. In addition, there’s a lot of variety introduced to this section recently. People now also prepare chocolate Gujiyas and baked Gujiyas depending on their choice and preferences. 

Fritters or Pakode

Fritters are prepared using gram flour that happens to be the base of the dish. The flour batter is stuffed with onions, potatoes, green leafy vegetables, and other spices that make it salty and tangy. These fritters are served with coriander sauce and tomato sauce. 


Thandai is one of the most popular drinks served during the Holi festival. Let’s dive into the details of Thandai recipe for Holi. This staple drink is a fennel-fragrant concoction that is believed to provide a natural cooling effect to your body. Thandai is also served as a welcome drink to the guests that come for the celebration. Thandai can be made and stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. You can watch various  videos to know the best Thandai recipe for Holi 2022. So, these were some of the most easy recipes that you should definitely try this Holi. Indian festivals are a combination of Indian culture and Indian food that becomes the center of attraction in the entire world. You should also dive into the Indian delicacies to enjoy experiencing a completely unique food variety.

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