How ‘Biryani By Kilo’ Rose To Fame In The Food Industry?

Biryani by Kilo food tech startup was founded by three friends Vishal Jindal, Kaushik Roy, and Ritesh Sinha. Right from being a startup to becoming a powerful player in the Indian online food business, the company has been through it all. It started with a unique business model and with time the founders managed to find the right balance of funding and strategies to emerge as a market leader.  Kaushik Roy has previously worked with Pizza Express and other prominent food businesses whereas Vishal was a part of multiple technology based businesses during his early days. The duo conceptualized kebab and biryani food chain that followed the latest trends in the online delivery business. They started their food tech startup journey in 2015. The idea of maintaining ‘dum cook’ kind of cooking was an instant hit among hard core Biryani fans. Presently the business gets around 2000 orders everyday with typical size of ?900 per order. https://www.instagram.com/p/Ca_Q2pMhFhe/ Business model Contrary to major eateries that produce food, Biryani by Kilo focuses on preparing fresh and pure Biryani for every individual order and delivery is made in a handi to the customers. Further, with enhanced Biryani experience, customers also get earthen pots with every order that protects the smoky flavor and fragrance of the spices. It is a delivery based food service and the founders plans to provide the delectable menus at every person's doorstep. Biryani by Kilo is known for serving popular traditional dishes such as biryanis, kebabs, phirni and other Mughal dishes. Currently this Gurugram startup has several outlets in Delhi and surrounding areas. https://www.instagram.com/p/Ca9pbcIFi9A/ Biryani by Kilo started its journey with only two outlets and presently it has over 40 outlets spread across 20 cities. It has successfully emerged as a dominant player and is doing great at spreading the business exponentially. The current sales run of the business is around ?24 crores annually. It has reached an approximate value of ?150 crores from ?86 lakhs in the beginning.  https://www.instagram.com/p/CaWaen2BA80/ It is expected to reach a value of around ?500 crores by the end of financial year 2022-23. It is the sheer passion of the founders towards working and implementing their food tech idea. They always focus on utilizing the funds properly right from the beginning that has helped the brand achieve a massive growth. Biryani by kilo is all set to launch another 40 to 50 outlets in different parts of North India in the coming years. It is truly an inspiring story of how a business can achieve success with proper planning and implementation. 

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