How Mental Health Counseling Can Treat Anxiety?

When discussing the young generation, we assume health, energy, and a future full of possibilities. Unfortunately, life is not smooth sailing for all teenagers. In fact, around twenty percent of adolescents suffer from certain mental health issues. Through this post, we will turn our attention to the reasons that cause social anxiety in teenagers, some of its symptoms, and how Spiritual Counseling Online sessions help adolescents overcome anxiety and other related mental health issues.

Reasons Behind Anxiety In Adolescents

Adolescent population face anxiety and similar disorders,  numerous causes. Below are a few of them:
  • Genetic Causes: Generally, the mental health condition of individuals is influenced by some genetic causes. If parents or relatives of individuals had suffered from anxiety at any point in their lives, then there are high chances of them are facing the same at a certain point.
  • Negative Influence of Social Media: The present generation of the world has grown in an environment where social media platforms have become an integral part of human lives. While social media platforms provide good accessibility to communicate with anyone in this world, they also play the role of negatively influencing a teenager.
  • Embarrassing Experiences: Teenagers who were treated rudely, rejected by someone they asked out, or experienced uncomfortable situations, like being unable to do pull-ups in a gym class or showing poor performance in an exam, etc., are usually susceptible to face anxiety in their lives.
  • Low Self-Esteem: Adolescents who do not feel comfortable with themselves are more likely to develop anxiety. For example, some people might not feel confident because of their appearance; maybe they think they are obese or feel underrated due to some physical conditions. These reasons cause individuals to underestimate their true potentials and build low self-esteem in their attitudes. To counter such mental health struggles, they require Self-Esteem Counseling.
  • Personality: Teenagers are vulnerable to developing anxiety due to innate personality traits. For instance, introvert individuals might be anxious about the outcomes of addressing a public speech, attending a social event, or even interacting socially with anyone.
These are some reasons why adolescents face anxiety disorders. Now, after having an idea of these reasons, let us turn our attention to symptoms that indicate the signs of anxiety disorders.

How To Identify Anxiety Disorders In Adolescents?

Recognizing that a teenager in your surrounding is dealing with mental health issues like anxiety requires special attention and an innate ability to look for the solution. Through this section, we will examine some symptoms that might indicate a teen is experiencing anxiety disorders under three distinct categories.
  • Behavior: Sometimes, due to some mishaps in their lives, adolescents experience anxiety. These victims need special care and treatment. These victims can be identified as they keep themselves isolated from social gatherings. Also, such individuals lack self-confidence, which can be identified through their hesitation to establish eye contact while having a conversation, to speak loudly, or habits displaying nervousness.
  • School And Workplace Stress: If the school grades of a teenager has taken a turn for the worse, then there are high chances that parents will emphasis them to work extra hard on their studies and devoid them of participating in extracurricular activities. However, they might be having an underlying condition of anxiety.
  • Similarly with work culture, if teens perform steady jobs, they have to deal with people with limited free time regularly. These teenagers are more susceptible to anxiety and burnout. To overcome such issues, they need to undergo Burnout Coaching, where they will get assisted physically and psychologically to overcome their mental disturbances.
  • Social Life and Counseling: Teenagers who have limited friends and similar social contacts are highly vulnerable to face anxiety disorders in their lives. It is because limited social exposure can limit individuals’ potential to speak up in public and establish eye contact while conversing. The less social a teen is, the more are the chances of him to experience anxiety disorders.
While social anxiety can seem crippling momentarily, there is hope. By engaging in the spiritual counseling sessions of Dr. Gurpreet Kaur, people can begin their healing journey, improve their interpersonal skills, and ultimately lead a life full of confidence and happiness.

Assisting Teens With Spiritual Counseling Online Sessions

The  Spiritual Counseling Online sessions conducted by Dr. Kaur play a significant role in one’s ability to cope with anxiety and confidently lead a life. The spiritual practices assists in:
  • Providing social and emotional support.
  • Helping people to lead a purposeful life.
  • Offering stability and comfort in times of misery.
  • Providing effective guidelines by which people can lead a fruitful life.

Final Words

Spiritual practices and counseling sessions are termed very fruitful to find a purpose in life. With the assistance of Dr. Gurpreet Kaur, people can overcome their mental health struggles like anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Self-Esteem Counseling Dr. Kaur is a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor who currently practices in New Jersey. She supports individuals worldwide through online Burnout Coaching sessions. To learn more about her sessions, kindly visit Living Excellence Today’s official website.

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