Struggling With Boredom? Check Signs Of Prospected Boredom

Are you fed up of your friends addressing you as a boring personality? If yes, you need to think deep about your boredom personality. A lot of people are ignorant about their habits, and they do not accept the fact that they become the odd one out suddenly because they do not participate well in the conversations. Well, if you are unable to check your traits and you’re confused about what makes you boring, you need to check the facts stated in a study conducted by the psychologists from the University of Essex, University of Limerick and the London School of Economics. In the part of the study, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, the researchers focused on the responses collected by 500 people across five different studies, and also picked answers from quora to establish the characteristics of a boring human being. So, here’s the checklist that can help you in identifying defining boredom in your personality.

Number 1- You Watch Television A Lot

Individuals who participated in the study revealed that the dullest time-pass they could pick during their spare hours is in watching television, sleeping, staring at animals, etc. So, if you are also doing the same activities and loving to do so, you undoubtedly carries a boredom identity.

Number 2- You Talk A Lot

If you are not a good listener and you always keep on talking, you’ll probably sound boring after a certain extent. A healthy conversation is always about two people talking and taking the conversation ahead. So, if you feel that you also speak a lot unnecessarily then it is a sign of poor mental health.

Number 3- You Talk Too Less

Being a good listener is a bliss but being only a listener is a boring habit. So, it is important that you put your point forward in a conversation. When you utter very little or no words, your existence gets unmarked.

Number 4- You Have Nothing To Add In A Conversation

A lot of you might take out time to spend with a group of people, but if you fail to add your views to the conversations then it reflects a positive sign of boredom. Usually this happens when you feel uninteresting, and your presence means nothing to the other people around.

Number 5- Negative Mindset

When you start looking at the negatives more than positives in your life, you basically bore other people around. This is also a sign of poor mental health. Therefore, you need to address your fault at the earliest.

Number 6- You Can’t Pick Body Language

When you fail to understand the body language of people you spend most of the time with. You are actually boring and not social enough.

Number 7- You Don’t Have A Sense Of Humour

When you fail to make people laugh or when you fail to understand good jokes, you are probably boring as people wouldn’t find it interesting to spend time with you.

Number 8- You Hate To Explore

When you love sticking to one single habit all your life, like going to the same restaurant to eat the same item on the menu, it makes you extensively boring.

Number 9- You Are Terrible At Story Telling

When you think you can’t tell one single story nicely to people surrounding you, it automatically makes you boring.

Number 10- You Have A Fixed Perspective

When your perspective remains the same irrespective of the changes in the situation, you sound boring all the time.

Number 11- You Feel Bored For No Reason As Well

Lastly, when nothing excites you, it means you are completely boring. This condition arises when you avoid public interactions and spend your time in captivity.

Disclaimer - The texts with tips or advice mentioned here are only for generic information, but not for a substitute of medical advice. Before applying any advice or tips, you should consult a respective doctor or expert. ATT is not responsible if you have any bad impacts on your health.

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