Yoga Asanas For Healthy Lungs

Yoga is not just a series of exercises but a lifestyle. Our life depends on breathing and breathing well. The last few years of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have left a huge impact on the way we breathe. Yoga exercises can go a long way to help you make your lungs function better so that your breathing is improved and your lung capacity is increased in the long run. Here are some of the best yoga asanas for healthy lungs!

  • Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)
Bhujangasana or the cobra pose stretches out the lungs and promotes lung health considerably. This pose can also bring you mental peace by calming the mind. Hence, if you find it difficult to take in long breaths or suffer from excessive stress and anxiety, this asana can help you manage the problem. 
  • Fish Pose (Matsyasana)
Matsyasana or fish pose opens your chest and expands your lungs, so it is a great posture for healthy lungs. When you pump in oxygen while your chest is stretched, it helps in increasing lung capacity. Therefore, it is a great posture that you can practice daily and improve your overall lung health.  
  • Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)
Dhanurasana or bow pose is also a great asana that opens up your chest completely and stretches your shoulders and back muscles. Breathing during this asana helps in increasing your lung capacity and energizes your whole body. You can practice this asana every day for healthy lungs and a strong back. 
  • Cross-Legged Sitting Pose (Sukhasana)
Sukhasana is a simple cross-legged sitting posture. You can practice it easily with a straight spine. If you practice conscious breathing in this asana, it energizes your lungs and also calms your mind. It is a great posture that can be practised by beginners as well as experienced practitioners. Sukhasana is also the perfect posture for practising pranayama, the best way to practice controlled breathing for healthy lungs. 

Wrapping Up

These yoga practices to strengthen your lungs can greatly improve your breathing over time. You can do these yoga practices in the comfort of your home or wherever you find convenient, as they are easy to follow. Regularly practising these asanas will improve your health and provide you with better functioning lungs.  So, what are you waiting for? Start stretching for a better mind and body!

Disclaimer - The texts with tips or advice mentioned here are only for generic information, but not for a substitute of medical advice. Before applying any advice or tips, you should consult a respective doctor or expert. ATT is not responsible if you have any bad impacts on your health.

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