All You Need To Know About The Anganwadi Scheme

The Anganwadi scheme was started in 1975 as part of the integrated child development services and comes under the ambit of the Ministry of Women And Child Development. In Hindi, Anganwadi actually means courtyard shelter. The Anganwadi scheme has been started by the government of India to combat the problem of child hunger and malnutrition faced in rural India. A part of the Indian public health care system, a usual Anganwadi centre offers basic health care facilities in a village and functions as a rural child care centre in India. The Anganwadi scheme is in convergence with public health systems by providing supplementary nutrition, health education, non-formal pre-school education, and immunization.  Every year the central government releases notifications for recruitment in various Anganwadi centers across the country. The Anganwadi recruitment vacancies are posted district-wise for every state and can be accessed from Anganwadi online on the official website. Interested and eligible candidates can apply for various Anganwadi posts directly from the Anganwadi app or from the official website - anganwadirecruit.kar.nic.in. The main role of an Anganwadi worker has been clearly defined by the Women And Child Development Ministry, and it includes conducting regular surveys of all families, providing health and nutrition education, demonstrating methods of providing health education to all mothers, educating parents about child growth, identifying disabilities in children and organizing social welfare programmes. Apart from this, an Anganwadi worker also has to execute and assist in the implementation of Kishori Shakti Yojana.  There is also a Mukhya Sevika who functions as the head and supervises around 40-65 Anganwadi workers and provides them on-site training. The other duties of a Mukhya Sevika include maintaining statistics on Anganwadis and guiding the Anganwadi workers in their job. All Mukhya Sevikas have to report directly to the child development projects. Through the Anganwadi scheme, the major aim of the union government is to provide accessible and affordable healthcare services to the rural population.  Though the Anganwadi scheme has been a boon for India, there are a number of challenges faced by these Anganwadi centers as the Anganwadi workers don't have a permanent job like any other government employee, and there have been reports of corruption and heinous crimes against women in a lot of Anganwadi centers. Apart from this, there have been many instances of Anganwadi-serviced children falling sick or dying. Since society is moving towards the digital age, the Anganwadi scheme needs to be digitized, and some efforts have also been made to achieve that. In a major initiative, many Anganwadi centers would be provided with computers to record data and integrate their system with the Health Ministry

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