Dhanteras 2022: What is the Story Behind Buying Gold On This Day?

Dhanteras, also known as Dhantrayodashi, is an important festival for Hindus that comes right before Diwali. According to popular tradition, Hindus worship Lord Dhanavantri on this day who emerged as a result of Samudramanthan while holding a Kalasha full of Amrit. He was known to be the Vaidya of all the Gods. Therefore, Hindus believe that worshiping him would give good health. However, there are many other legends and myths associated with Dhanteras. People celebrate it with a lot of joy.  It is very common to buy silver or gold coins on this day since they are considered auspicious and are supposed to protect you from bad omens or negative energy. Moreover, it is considered that Lord Kuber will increase your wealth if you spend money on precious metals on this day. So, what is the reason behind this? There are many myths and legends around Dhanteras that are very interesting. Let us check some of the common ones out! 

Common Myths And Legends of Dhanteras

According to legends, Lord Dhanavantri, who is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the Physician of all Gods, emerged from a sea of milk. This milk was churned by the demons and the Gods on Dhanteras and Dhanavantri brought a jar with him of this wonderful elixir.  Lord Indra was cursed by Sage Durvasa when his wealth went to his head. This made Goddess Lakshmi abandon him. Once she went away, Lakshmi took away all his bravery, radiance, power, and enthusiasm, making him miserable. The demons had been waiting for just this kind of chance and they took it by invading heaven and defeating Indra. Lord Indra lost everything - his kingdom, throne and even Lakshmi. Thus, he started living in a hideout.  Some time passed. This is when Indra’s teacher, Brihaspati, who was distraught by the predicament that Indra was in, tried to brainstorm with Vishnu and Brahma as well as other Gods who also accompanied him. They soon found a solution, albeit challenging. They had to churn the sea of milk and turn it into powerful ambrosia that would bring mortality to all the Gods who consumed it. And it would also bring back Goddess Lakshmi.  In order to accomplish this big feat, it was important to ask the demons for their assistance. Brihaspati dealt with the demons and made them agree to help in exchange for procuring huge wealth and this secret ambrosia for themselves.  Another myth is related to Kim Hima whose death was predicted on the fourth day after his marriage. But his wife decided to save him by putting a pile of gold and silver jewelry on the entrace and she lit the whole house with lamps. She made sure her husband didn't sleep and when Yamaraja, the lord of death came in the form of a snake, he was blinded with all the lights. He waited on the pile of gold for an opportunity but it did not work. Finally, he gave up and the king’s life was saved. Hence, people lit lamps all through the night in praise of Yamaraja.  To sum up, there are many legends and myths associated with Dhanteras and they are all super interesting. However, in the end, it is about the joy and celebration that the festival brings with it.

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